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>Art Journal Love

>Remember a few posts ago when I said I didn’t like my art journal? Well, after a few weeks of leaving it on the side to gather dust, I decided to pick it up again and force myself to work in it. Last week I was browsing on a few of my favourite blogs and got inspired by one of my favourites: Emily Falconbridge. This girl has so much talent and I like the way she uses and reuses stuff from everyday life even in her scrapbooking. I read through all of her articles at Today’s Mama and I just had to try one of her projects. I didn’t want to do it 12X12 so I thought my art journal would be the perfect place for it. I found a bunch of photos my mom had printed for me after I got my head shaved last year so I took one of them for this page. You can see that I also started adding things to the other page but I haven’t done anything else yet.

I’m still on my quest to get rid of stuff. Last week, I spent a good portion of a day sorting through all the papers I had accumulated in the past 5 years (since I’ve been living here.) About 3/4 of the pile went to the recycling bin. The rest I plan to use to make messy journals (again inspired by Emily… I think this girl is my new muse! ha!) and collages. I still have a lot of stuff to get rid of but I’m slowly getting there. And I’ve learned to say NO to saving some things. I find that it’s actually OK to throw away some stuff and recycle some other. Really, it’s OK! Of course, I still buy things but I try to limit packaging as much as possible. For one thing, I always have my cloth bags with me and use them all the time.

On another subject… It took me one year to complete my first 100 posts. Well, I’m now closing in on 200 and it hasn’t been one year since #100. So there might be a small giveaway before I go back to work (late August.) I’m thinking maybe 2 prizes this time. I’ll have to see what I can come up with… Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “>Art Journal Love

  1. >Thanks for sharing the cool links. I really like the idea of messy journals! I like what you’ve done with these pages so far. And congrats on almost reaching 200 posts. I’m hoping to see another 200, at least!

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