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>Welcome love

>Some time ago, Brandy sent me a blank journal in a beautiful cover that she made herself. I had put it aside with all my other blank journals, waiting until I finished the other one that I was already working in. Well, when I got sick of working in that one, I pulled Brandy’s journal out and began drawing in it. The first drawing is only pencil but I plan to eventually colour it in. This is the second entry in that journal and it was done late at night. I was about to fall asleep when this image appeared in my head and I just had to put it to paper before forgetting about it. The page came out exactly as I had envisioned it which doesn’t happen all that often. I simply drew with a regular HB pencil and then added colour with my basic watercolour kit and my AquaPainter brush (you fill the handle with water and just go from there. I love it!) I used Micron pens for the heart border and the letters, a gold gel pen for the outer border of the heart and finally, the next day, I used my date stamp with StazOn ink to complete the page.

While working in my journal, on my ATCs and Chunky pages lately, I’ve challenged myself to use less colours. I try to stick to the primary (red, blue and yellow) and secondary (purple, green and orange) colours with some black and white. I find that sometimes, less is more.

If you haven’t already, go read Judi‘s latest blog post. It’s uplifting and inspiring. Definitely made me smile. I wasn’t feeling down or creatively blocked at all when I read her post but it STILL helped me to get ready to create. And create I did! Yesterday, I spent the whole day working on ATCs, chunky pages and skinny pages while watching DVDs from my collection. And this afternoon will probably be the same!

Get inspired! Get creative! Have fun!


7 thoughts on “>Welcome love

  1. >What a great message and I like how you made your page around it. Maybe everyone should welcome more love into their lives….the world would be a better place!

  2. >Thats so PRETTY!!! I try to work in my art journal as much as possible life has got in my way so much lately. I did do some work in it last night. Stopped by her from Janet’s place. Stop in for a visit!xoxooxox

  3. >What a beautiful page. Isn’t it wonderful when our creations come out exactly as they appeared in our mind? Love that.That piece would make an awesome card in a healing deck.

  4. >Hi Sophie! You are so creative! I love your page. I agree with Janet.. ! I am now doing a one on one Gypsy ATC swap if you are interested. No time limit, just whenever.

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