>New hair, new painting


So I did get my hair coloured but decided not to go for the “fireman” red like last time. I went for a dark brown with red highlights. And I got a new haircut. I love it!

Today, I got the urge to paint. It hadn’t happen in a long time. This is the result. I have no idea who or what she is. But she wanted to be painted. She doesn’t have a name yet either.

The canvas board is 12″x16″ and I only used acrylic paints. For the building, I used Light Modeling Paste from Liquitex mixed with black acrylic paint. The lighter streaks were made with reinkers that I let drop down the canvas board (I turned it upside down afterwards to complete the painting) and then wiped off.

I don’t have much else to say.


5 thoughts on “>New hair, new painting

  1. >Doesn’t it always give you a little boost to get a haircut and new color? I like it. And the painting is awesome. She’ll tell you her story sooner or later.

  2. >This is FEIRCE….love the colors and wispy hair….she looks like she’s been freed to me. Great style…and you’re a cutie~patuttie yourself!oxoxox

  3. >Hi Sophie! love the new do..I am positively overdue for a new do! Love your painting too. Isn’t it great to get that urge to paint and really get the message! yay!

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