>For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been struggling. Struggling with my art (my muse is playing hide and seek most days.) Struggling with my weight. Struggling with my thoughts and beliefs. Struggling with my choices.

Today, I give myself permission to accept that I am not perfect. And my imperfections make me who I am. I am imperfectly human.

I chose this photograph today because it is NOT perfect. My settings on my camera weren’t right and I just couldn’t work them out that day. But I love this photo anyway, for all its imperfections. Diesel looks like she is surrounded by light, by a presence bigger than us all. And, well, truthfully, it had been quite a while since I had posted a photo of my baby! (I just checked and the last photo of Diesel was in January!)

Work is starting next Monday. We have a meeting this Friday, in the morning, to get our group list and other important infos to start the school year. Even though I have done a lot of stuff this summer, I feel like I barely made a dent in my to-do list. But that’s ok. Tomorrow is another day. ( I did do more sorting/cleaning than I thought I would though!)

Last thing: I’m planning a giveaway for Labour Day weekend which should be when I reach 200 posts.


4 thoughts on “>Imperfections

  1. >I agree….that’s a great shot of your cat! Sometimes we all strive too much for perfection when in reality perfection isn’t very exciting! I much prefer things to be a little less than perfect….it shows we’re human.

  2. >I would say you are “PERFECTLY” human, since humans are not perfect … do you know what I mean?! hmmmmm, it made sense in my head. I must be really human too 🙂 Don’t fret, SophieThé; near-perfection is boring.I gotta shakeshakeshake my sillies outshake shakeshake my silles out…old kids song, but it feels good.Ok, I better go have a sleepie.

  3. >Its OK to perfect in your inperfections. You matter to this world because you are you. Your muse is probably tired you have been creating like a mad woman take this time to rest she will be back of that i am sure.ANg

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