>Over the rainbow…

As I was walking home after work yesterday, the sky was spitting huge cold drops of rain on me. I arrived soaking wet and changed into more comfortable (and dry) clothes. Then I went about my usual business. Turned on the computer. Turned on the television (I always watch an old episode of The Simpsons right after work.) Relaxed. Then, I figured that if I wanted to eat, I better go into the kitchen and cook something. And that’s when I heard a crow. I looked out the window to see where the bird was (it sounded really close by) and saw it perched on the clothesline’s post. I looked at it briefly and then turned to get dinner started when it cawed again. So I looked at it again and asked it what it wanted. Believe it or not, its beak went up as if it was pointing in that direction. And that’s when I saw the rainbow. I had time to get my camera and got a few photos, this one being the best. After the second shot from my camera, the crow flew away, as if its job was done and it could move on.

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been asking the Universe to send me a sign, any sign. Some people I know asked for a hawk and saw one right after. Or a feather. Or a heart-shaped rock. I got none of those. I got a crow showing me the way to the rainbow. Reminding me to take the time to look, really look, around me and see the beauty even in the midst of uglyness. The sky was still grey and heavy with clouds but that rainbow was so colourful and bright. It made my day.

Today was a rainy day and the kids at work were over-excited. Some of my coworkers have started talking against others, not necessarily to be mean but to get “stuff” off of their chest. I let them talk and I nod or shrug. I don’t take sides. I keep smiling. And I spread the good stuff by lending CDs to my friend Anik and giving her books and toys for her 3 year old son. It’s all good. Life is beautiful, no matter what. So whatever happens, look for that sign. Look for the rainbow. Or the hawk. Or the feather. Or a heart-shaped rock. Or whatever else floats your boat.

Have a great one (day, evening, night, week, month, year, life!)


6 thoughts on “>Over the rainbow…

  1. >Love this that you wrote, Have a great one (day, evening, night, week, month, year, life!)!I try to take notice as much as possible. I think maybe because I am blind in one eye. GOD has given us the rainbow as a sign that he set in the sky.I got wet one day and dd asked me what I did in the down pour. I kept walking and even held out my hands to catch the raindrops.Grace and Peace Be Multiplied to You!!! GOD Bless You and Yours!!!

  2. >Beautiful Rainbow ! Feathers usually catch my attention , they seem to appear when I need them.2 years ago this Oct , My Dad passed away , the preacher came to my Mom’s to make funeral arrangements. It was a beautiful Fall day , so we sat outside. Just as we were finishing up the arrangements and said a prayer , we noticed a rainbow. It hadn’t rained and the rainbow was upside down , looked like a smile. We decided it was a sign from Daddy , letting us know everything was o.k.It was a beautiful Blessing , still brings tears to me.We should always pay attention to nature’s signs.~ Many Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

  3. >Ohh Sophie! You know how much I LOVE cROWS…SO THIS IS A CROWLICIOUS POST FOR MOI aWESOME! anD … I APPLAUD YOUR STANCE on THE gossip mongers! you are doing the right thing. Rock on sister!

  4. >Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience. I’m so glad something moved me to stop by today. Rejoice in the small things because that’s what living is all about.

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