>My best friend

>This is my mother with her two dogs: Magy (pronounced “majee” as in the french word for magic=magie) the black Pomeranian and Mopette (pronounced “muppet”) the grey and white poodle/schnauzer mix.

My mother (MamanKoolAid) is my best friend. We do a lot of things together: shopping, crafting, talking. We even have the same job but in 2 different schools.

When I moved out of the house (almost 6 years ago now) I promised to her that I’d visit every week, even though we don’t live THAT far apart. And I’ve kept that promise (and still keeping it.) I usually go to the house on Wednesday night because it cuts the work week in half and also to watch Lost with her when it’s on TV. I also go to the house on Saturdays. It used to be every Saturday but now I’m cutting it to every other weekend so I can do other stuff like go out (which hasn’t happened yet) or clean my apartment (hasn’t happened yet either!) I get along great with my mother, I’d say 95% of the time. After all, we’re only human! We give each other a lot of inspiration and ideas and it always keeps us busy and happy.

I just wanted to share a little bit about myself and my mother today. After all, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her! Merci Maman pour tout ce que tu fais pour moi! Je t’aime!