>One World One Heart Giveaway

Comments are now closed. Thanks for participating. Winners (3 of them) will be announced on Feb. 12th around 1pm EST.

It is that time of year again. The One World-One Heart event is starting today. Click on the badge to go to the main event’s blog where you can find a list of everyone who is offering a giveaway for this year’s event.

This year, I am giving away a handmade button keyring. Well actually, for every 100 comments, there will be a prize. So more entries = more prizes. Which gives you more chances to win.

The key rings are made from metal wire and a variety of buttons both old and new as well as a bead at the bottom (you can see the red bead on the green key ring.) Only 2 are pictured but as soon as comments go over 200, I will make another one. Or two. Or three! (Winners will NOT choose colours of their prize.)

So, how can you get a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes? Very easy. Leave ONE (1) comment on this post (not any other post on my blog) and have an active blog (meaning that you update it at least once a month) or a valid email address (leave it in the comments or have it on your Blogger profile). You do NOT need to be a OWOH participant. Anyone can participate BUT I need to have a way to contact winners. Most people follow these requirements but if there is no way for me to contact you, I will remove your name from the entries.

Winners will be announced on February 12th. Good luck!



>Once again, I’ve embarked on a journaling journey. I’ve been inspired to take part in Emily Falconbridge’s “52Q” project. Each week, she will post a question on her blog and those who participate make a page in whatever form they choose (I picked the tag since I never worked with those before) and answer the question in their own way.

This is the title page for my tag book. I haven’t decided yet how I will bind the whole thing. It all depends on how fat the final book becomes. My plan is to write/stamp/print the question on the front of the tag and have the answer on the back. And I want to keep embellishments to a minimum. So I’m using leftover pieces from other projects and trying to use those pesky rub-ons that I can’t seem to get rid of!

I’m being creative every day so far by either drawing, painting, collaging or writing in one of my many journals. And since January 1st, I’ve been writing short poems daily, before going to bed, which is helping me deal with depression amongst other things. (There. It’s out.) Although I am being creative on a daily basis, my muse isn’t coming out to play which is sad in a way. Maybe I’m trying to hard…


>A small gift

These are some of the journaling notes I have been working on (and a few doodles to fill in the blanks.) I made 3 pages and 2 individual notes which are all available to download and print here. You can use these in your art journal, in your scrapbook or any other artwork of your choice. This is my gift to you. No reason, no special event. Just a gift. The only thing I ask in return is a note or a comment if you DO use these in your work. And a link to the artwork would be nice too.



>I know it’s late…

>… and I should be in bed already. But I’m a night creature. Which probably explains my love of everything vampire. But that’s not why I’m writing.

All around the blogosphere, people are talking about resolutions, goals, intentions. People are choosing words to live by. And what do you know, I’m people! Yes yes, as hard as it may seem to some of you, I am actually human! Anyway, back to the point. This year, I am not making any resolutions. Because, well, I never keep them so what’s the point anyway. Last year, I unofficially chose a word to live by. In 2008, I wanted to focus on everything that was “new” to me. I did a pretty good job. Of course, writing daily in my “every day brings something new” journal did help me to attain this goal. Well, this year, I officially choose the word “change” as in “be the change you want to see in the world”. Well, all kinds of change really. I want to change some habits, be them good or bad. I want to change my perspective one life because, to be honest, lately it hasn’t been all that bright. I want bring more changes in my life. Good changes, obviously. So that’s what I’ll focus on in 2009.

I have no official artistic project for this new year. No Daily Art Card. No “every day” journal. Nope. Nothing of the sort. I do want to do my best at creating something every day though. And having 4 art journals in the works and an altered book should definitely make this easy. And let’s not talk about all the swaps I signed up for (though most of them are due in March so I still have plenty of time to work on them and get them sent out in time.)

Talking about art journals, I worked in 2 of mine today (meaning January 1st, obviously) and in my altered book. And I’m “trying” to create my own journaling notes for scrapbooking, which is actually harder than I thought it would be. I have this problem where I see the finished product in my head and it’s all pretty and perfect but when I try to make it so, it turns out, well, less than perfect though sometimes pretty. This has always been a problem with me actually. And I’m not a perfectionnist, far from it. But when something doesn’t turn out as I had envisionned it, it’s kind of a let down. Know what I mean?

Anyway, enough babbling. I should be going to bed, though I’m not sleepy at all. Maybe I’ll read or write a bit. I did tell Hanna that I’d love to get back into poetry so maybe I’ll try that, who knows?

Today’s art: mindless doodling on a lazy evening, while watching DVDs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do like the circles in the cloud shape…