>Once again, I’ve embarked on a journaling journey. I’ve been inspired to take part in Emily Falconbridge’s “52Q” project. Each week, she will post a question on her blog and those who participate make a page in whatever form they choose (I picked the tag since I never worked with those before) and answer the question in their own way.

This is the title page for my tag book. I haven’t decided yet how I will bind the whole thing. It all depends on how fat the final book becomes. My plan is to write/stamp/print the question on the front of the tag and have the answer on the back. And I want to keep embellishments to a minimum. So I’m using leftover pieces from other projects and trying to use those pesky rub-ons that I can’t seem to get rid of!

I’m being creative every day so far by either drawing, painting, collaging or writing in one of my many journals. And since January 1st, I’ve been writing short poems daily, before going to bed, which is helping me deal with depression amongst other things. (There. It’s out.) Although I am being creative on a daily basis, my muse isn’t coming out to play which is sad in a way. Maybe I’m trying to hard…


2 thoughts on “>52Q

  1. >I’m so glad you’re doing poetry too, isn’t it great to write it all out? Mine have become “symbols” of the day, with lots of metaphors telling the story or feeling of the day… very sad stories lately too! I’m writing in Swedish, are you writing yours in French or English?Take care, the depression will pass, I promise!!!!

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