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Day 28 – Friendship
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Except for entering many many OWOH giveaways, clicking through the 910 other blogs on there and uploading to Flickr, I haven’t been very active on the internet. The reason is simple. I’m obsessed with a certain group of vampires. No, not the Cullens from Twilight. That was a nice little read. Now, it’s time for The Black Dagger Brotherhood. I can’t get enough of these books. I’ve read 3 books in one week!

I’ve been trying to get artsy and creative every day. Some days, it’s a few doodles in the art journal, or adding something on chunky pages for a swap and every single day, I write a poem. Yep, since January 1st, I’ve been writing a poem a day (I only forgot one day so far!) Sometimes it’s a full page, sometimes a few verses and other times a haiku. Sometimes it’s not even a full poem, just ideas for something else that might get written one day. Like, maybe, a book for young readers. Maybe.

I’m still working on a lot of projects, my brain working overtime some days. But, overall, I feel good and I’m happy with the way things are going.

Oh yeah, I missed my 2nd Blogiversary on January 14th with all the anticipation of OWOH but that’s ok. I’ll try to post again soon with some artwork. Remember that you can always look at my Flickr album where you can find photos for a project done with iHanna.

Edited to add: All OWOH prizes from MamanKoolAid and myself have been mailed.