>Magic is the word

>For the Mermaid Warrior class, I decided to make my own journal instead of buying a brand new one. Not that I needed a new one, I still have a ton of blank journals to use. I plan on having the girls create their own journal too this summer. This one was made with old book covers, watercolour paper and my Bind-It-All machine. I decided to focus on “magic” in this journal (magie in French.)

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been focusing too much on the negative side of things and because of that, I got a little depressed. Yesterday, before going to bed, I decided to do a bit of meditation and told myself that today, I would wake up in a good mood and would have a good day. Well, I woke up at a decent hour (I have a hard time waking up early), had breakfast and made a list for the day. Things I wanted to accomplish. You know, the boring stuff. And at 4:30 this afternoon, everything on that list was done! Groceries: check! Mailing taxes: check! Washing dishes: check! Folding clothes and putting them away: check! Cooking dinner: check! + left-overs for tomorrow! I did everything with a smile on my face and I feel good. Now, I have the whole evening to craft and have fun (without watching television too!)

Today’s art: the front cover of my journal for the Mermaid Warriors class.


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