>Recap of Days 3 and 4


Only one day of art camp left with one of the girls. The other 2 are staying with their father for the day but they’ll come back at the end of the month for another 4 days.

On Tuesday afternoon, when the dyied and finger-painted papers were dry, the girls cut them up and embellished them to make affirmation cards. They came up with the wording on their own, I barely had to help. They had some really good ones too (all in French of course.)

Wednesday, we started the day by painting and embellishing a papier maché heart-shaped box. We used the dyied paper towels from Tuesday to decoupage the bottom part of the box. This is to be their “worry box” where they can put little pieces of paper with their worries written on them. After that, we painted the rocks previously gathered and wrote kind words on them. When they were dry, we went back to the lake to leave them on and around trees (some rock climbing was done on their part while I took photos.) Other projects of the day: making a basket out of a 6″x6″ piece of paper and pre-painting backgrounds in the journals using different techniques.

Today, we had less projects/techniques but were still busy all day. We made a little gift bag/purse out of 12″x12″ patterned paper, decorated small match boxes and, after another walk by the lake to see if our rocks were still there (only one was nowhere in sight and we hope “a nice person took it,”) we spent the afternoon making collages in the journals. They would have kept going all night long if their parents hadn’t shown up! But they will be able to continue at home because I gave them all a small pile of scraps and some embellishments. They were really happy about everything and to see them enjoying the projects and the results so much put a huge smile on my face. I will definitely continue doing these camps in the future.


3 thoughts on “>Recap of Days 3 and 4

  1. >Ces cartes d'affirmations sont fantastiques. Tes petites ont beaucoup de talent et me donne espoir que cette génération sera forte et créative.J'admire beaucoup ce que tu fais avec ces petites… moi t'aussi, je veux z'aller jouer avec vous, bon!CC

  2. >Sophie, this is sooooo cool! I just smile big when I read about your camp, I'm so proud of you for following up on your dream and making it real! You rock girl!

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