5 years ago, when I adopted Diesel, I bought this toy. There was a round scratch-pad in the middle made of cardboard and she would work her claws on it every day. After a while, there wasn’t much to scratch off of it so I got rid of it. I couldn’t find a replacement and it bugged me. A few months ago though, I saw a tutorial online to make a scratch-pad of my own. So I gave it a go. I finished it last week and Diesel has been enjoying it ever since.

Keri Smith has a thought provoking post on her blog. Go read it if you have a minute.


2 thoughts on “>Repurposing

  1. >Hmmm, good job on a the scratch pad! There's something to be said about accomplishing things by yourself.I quite liked Keri Smith's post. And it comes to be when I'm thinking I lost my mojo… I've been procrastinating all day to come up with 3 card ideas. Guess I'll just have to get rid of my "trend-fearing" paranoia and just go with MY flow.CC

  2. >Ohhhh What a wonderful Kitty!!! Great photo! Bet she loves the scratch pad! Wonderfully done!!! An idea for you….this makes a wonderful toy for cats! 1)Find anything thin and long…2)Then tie a string on the end of it. 3)Tie a toy for the cat on the end of the string.BINGO! You've got a cat toy!! Cat's love that…can go around chasing it for hrs. You can buy toys like that but making them would save you some money.Plus, their just fun to make! Everytime you play with the cat, you know that you created something to make the cat happy. 🙂 I made one for my Aunt's Cat a long time ago. She loves it!!!Wonderful post!!!!*HUGS*

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