>According to Random.org, the winner is number 3: Janet! Congratulations! Send me an email with your mailing info (sophietousignant[at]videotron[dot]com) and I’ll mail your goodies soon!

I haven’t done a lot of artsy stuff lately. With work starting last week, I was tired a lot and a little bit overwhelmed. This week, hopefully, will be different. Well, it does help that I signed up for an online class and it started today. In the past few weeks, the only creative stuff I’ve done is writing my morning pages, making my daily lists in my big art journal and a little bit of counted cross-stitch (which has been started about 10 years ago.) And since I don’t have photos of those little so-called creations, I’m showing you a photo of Diesel I took last week. She’s an indoor cat but I like to put a leash on her and bring her out on the balcony. She loves it! She even asks for it! Well, sort of… I really like how the photo came out with the almost washed out background completely out of focus.

Anyway, I’m off to watch DVDs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and create a little something. Ciao!


One thought on “>Winner

  1. >I'm late getting here but thank you!!! I completely understand about the creative stuff. The only thing I've done lately is my daily journal page. I used to do counted cross-stitch, too. I have several unfinished projects plus several kits that have never been opened! Maybe I should get some of them out and do them in the evenings.Your cat is gorgeous!!! Both of our cats are indoor cats.

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