>Thinking about 32


Thinking about 32
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So. Again, I’ve managed to stay away from the blog, without meaning to. Ah well, such is life! (I love saying that.)

Life is moving along nicely. Work is going very well. My new co-worker is a nice a girl and we seem to click so far. My group of kids is easy going and, even though I don’t have a lot of girls, fun to be with and talk to. And they are looking forward to most of the activities.

On the art front, I’ve been keeping busy. Every day I make a page for my September journal. I love the way it’s turning out. I’ll share some photos with you soon. I’ve also made the mini book I’m holding in this photo. It’s done with a technique I learned in the online class. Very fun! I titled my book “32 coming soon” but it’s actually all in french inside. My birthday is coming up in a little over a month. (I’m just stating a fact here. My birthday is really no big deal.) So I decided to record some thoughts and wishes I may have for this new year in my life. I will also share photos of this book later.

Today’s photo: well, it’s just me being silly. My hair is getting long and I decided to let my bangs grow… again!

I’ll try to post again soon. Ciao!


2 thoughts on “>Thinking about 32

  1. >Hi Sophie, just stopping in to see what you're up to. Glad that you've got what looks to be a good group of students this year. It certainly makes things more fun.Take care, Brandy

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