>Mini Mandalas


Inspired by Hanna and Kate, I decided to try Michelle Ward’s challenge of going XL or XS in our art. In this case, I went the XS route. For size comparision: the first mandala was drawn on an ATC (2,5″ x 3,5″) which is a size I regularly work on, the second one on a “twinchie” (2″ x 2″) and finally, the third one, on a 1-inch square, also called an “inchie.” It was quite a challenge going this small and I was glad to have my .005 Micron pen for the smaller details. I also want to try going XL in my old 12″ x 18″ sketchbook but that will take a lot more time. And patience!
Inspirée par Hanna et Kate, j’ai décidé de participer au défi de Michelle Ward d’aller XG (extra grand) ou XP (extra petit) dans notre art. Dans ce cas, j’ai pris le chemin du XP. Pour comparer les grandeurs: le premier mandala fut dessiné sur une CAÉ (6,25cm x 8,75cm) qui est une grandeur que j’utilise régulièrement, le deuxième sur un “twinchie” (5cm x 5cm) et finalement, le troisième, sur un carré de 2,5cm, aussi nommé “inchie.” C’était tout un défi d’aller si petit et j’étais contente d’avoir mon stylo Micron .005 pour les petits détails. Je veux aussi essayer d’aller XG dans ma vieille tablette à dessin  de 30,5cm x 45,75cm mais ça prendra beaucoup plus de temps. Et de patience!

9 thoughts on “>Mini Mandalas

  1. TJ says:

    >Cool — a "Mandinchie!" Maybe it's the first one in the world? This was my first Crusade as well, it's been fun visiting the participant blogs. Happy creations from tj in germany

  2. >Sophie – thanks for coming to play on the team! I have never made an atc so I cannot even imagine going SMALLER than that! Thanks for showing us your cool mandalas, and explaining their sizes. I would love to see what you do by going BIG.

  3. >First inchie mandala I've ever seen! I see a mandala on a HUGE piece of brown paper made with a thick marker, that would be cool too! :-)Welcome to the crusades, my dear!

  4. >Hello Sophie,I love ATC's, twinchies and inchies ! glad you told that it were ATC's,… because on the photo it looks bigger than it is in real and an inchie IS small.you did well on the small scale : What are you going to do with these mandalas ?Do you use them in another project or is it just about having joy in making them ?greetings from belgiumInge

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