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>Crusdade No.41 – Grid Lock


 For the second month in a row, I am participating in Michelle Ward’s GPP Street Team’s Crusade. And this month, our task is to create grids in our journal. That challenge really caught my attention. So off I went to create some grids. The first one I filled with my latest stamps as seen here and I added some of my favourite hand-carved stamps as well. That was an easy page. The next one was equally simple when I decided to sample my dye ink pads. These are small, about 1″ square, except for the ones at the bottom which are a more regular size. Seeing that the pads are square, it was quite easy creating a grid from them. I love seeing so many colours all lined up like that, don’t you?
This is only my first try with this challenge. Expect more next week.
Désolée, le titre ne se traduisait pas bien en français cette fois-ci.
Pour le deuxième mois de suite, je participe au défi de Michelle Ward, le GPP Street Team’s Crusade. Et ce mois-ci, notre tâche est de  créer des grilles dans notre journal. Ce défi a vraiment attiré mon attention. Alors je me suis mise à créer des grilles. La première a été remplie avec mes dernières étampes tel que vu  ici et j’ai ajouté quelques-une de mes étampes gravées à la main préférées aussi. Une page plutôt facile. La suivante fut tout aussi simple lorsque j’ai décidé de faire un échantillonage de mes tampons d’encre à teinture. Ceux-ci sont petit, mesurant environ 2,5cm carré, à part pour ceux au bas de la page qui ont une grandeur plus normal. Comme les tampons sont carrés, c’était assez facile de créer un grillage avec eux. J’aime voir plein de couleurs toutes enlignées comme ça, pas vous?

Ceci n’est que mon premier essai avec ce défi. Attendez-vous à en voir plus la semaine prochaine.


16 thoughts on “>Crusdade No.41 – Grid Lock

  1. >Yay crusader, nice pages. You have A LOT of stamp pads for sure, I think I've got like… four?! 🙂 I like the grid page, and our stamps are so cool!

  2. >Sophie! Fabulous pages! LOVE how you made grids to capture Evidence from your work table. The carved stamps sampler is terrific – great way to chronicle your images. And the ink swatch page is super – I really like how it looks and it is a functional key to your supplies. Well done! Thanks for sharing with the team!!!

  3. >Love seeing all the stamp pad colours – it's quite a collection! Like you, I enjoy seeing colours all lined up. I have pages and pages of orange from when I was studying and I still enjoy looking at them.

  4. TJ says:

    >Your grids are great. The top one is fun and quirky and the 2nd one was a great idea with the square stamps… not to mention a practical one for future reference! Happy creations, tj in germany

  5. >The hand carved stamps are great – I did that crusade with Michelle and found it really challenging. I need gentler hands and more patience apparently:)I notice I seem to be leaving comments on other peoples blogs after you:) So was glad to finally get to your blog to see what you had done.MB

  6. >Those are awesome. I love your handmade stamps 🙂 I also have never seen so many colors with ink pads. It is fun to see all those colors lined up.

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