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>Furry monster – Monstre poilu


A few months ago, my mother gave a small piece of craft fur. I didn’t know what to do with it. Then, this weekend, we bought a craft magazine. And I knew I had to make a furry monster eyeglass case! Or it could be a wallet. Or pencil case. Whatever the case, I think he’s adorable. Don’t you?
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Il y a quelques mois, ma mère m’a donné un petit morceau de fourrure artisanale. Je ne savais pas quoi faire avec. Puis, en fin de semaine, nous avons acheté une revue d’artisanant. Et j’ai su tout de suite que je devais faire un étui à lunettes monstre poilu! Ou ça pourrait être un porte-feuille. Ou un étui à crayons. Peu importe, je le trouve adorable. Et vous?
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4 thoughts on “>Furry monster – Monstre poilu

  1. >He is most definitely adorable whatever you use him for.I'll have to remain in the dark about your writing as I absolutely can't stand Facebook (!!!) and I never go to my Twitter page! I barely have enough time to keep up with blogs!

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