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>Treasures – Trésors


In the past few weeks, I have been given many things that I can use in my crafting projects: old clothes, leftover fabric from curtains, other bits and pieces. And this week, I got this amazing lot of jewelry from one of my aunts. There are a few very nice pieces that simply need to be cleaned or polished but a lot of the other stuff will be taken apart and used to make other things. So many supplies for free! I am a happy crafter!
Au cours des dernières semaines, on m’a donné plusieurs choses que je peux utiliser dans mes projets artisanaux: vieux vêtements, surplus de tissu provenant de rideaux, autres bidules. Et cette semaine, j’ai reçu ce lot formidable de bijoux d’une de mes tantes. Il y a quelques morceaux qui valent la pein d’être nettoyés ou polis mais la grande majorité sera démontée et servira à créer d’autres choses. Tant de fournitures gratuites! Je suis une artisane heureuse!

5 thoughts on “>Treasures – Trésors

  1. >Wow! So many fun new things to play with. Getting things for free is the best. And I'm sure we'll be seeing some fantastic new creations before too long.

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