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>Photo Friday #2 – Vendredi Photo #2


 While at my parents’ house this week, I played with my camera a bit. The light was nice that afternoon. I even took some macro shots of a few things. This one is my favourite.
Alors que j’étais chez mes parents cette semaine, je me suis amusée avec ma caméra. La lumière était belle cet après-midi là. J’ai même pris quelques photos macros de plusieurs choses. Voici ma préférée.
This flower is actually at the top of this plant which is in the living room’s bay window. After a few searches, I found this on Wikipedia. Funny thing, we’ve always called it “Japanese Hat.”
Cette fleur est en fait au haut de cette plante qui se trouve dans la bay-window du salon. Après quelques recherches, j’ai trouvé ceci sur Wikipédia. Étrange, nous l’avons toujours appellée “Chapeau Japonais.”
Have a nice weekend!
Passez une belle fin de semaine!

3 thoughts on “>Photo Friday #2 – Vendredi Photo #2

  1. >Good Morning Miss Kool-Aid Sweetie…What a beautiful share this morning. I love the photo and the flower is just exquisite. When I look at it, I see a little fairy hat. Just precious.Thank you for sharing this morning. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. >Great photo, indeed! Funny about the little Wikipedia discovery :-)BTW, I don't know if i've told you already but I'm feelin' the new banner and background of your blog. Totally rocks!

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