>Project ReStyle #6


That purple t-shirt was one of my favourites. Until Diesel made holes in it that could not be repaired. (Yes, she still has her claws.) So this weekend, I decided to start giving this well loved piece a new start. I made my own version of a “t-shirt necklace” and the matching bracelet. And I think I just might need a pair of matching earrings too!
Ce t-shirt pourpre était un de mes préférés. Jusqu’à ce que Diesel y fasse des trous que je ne pouvais pas réparer. (Oui, elle a toutes ses griffes.) Alors en fin de semaine passée, j’ai décidé de donner un nouveau départ à ce vêtement tant aimé. J’ai fait ma propre version d’un “collier t-shirt” et le bracelet assorti. Et je pense qu’il me faut aussi une paire de boucles d’oreilles assortie!

6 thoughts on “>Project ReStyle #6

  1. >Good Morning Miss Kool-Aid Sweetie…No that is so darn stinkin cute. I love it. I had never thought of making a necklace of my over worn tees and have been throwing them out for years. Yours is just darling. I love it. Thanks for the share.Happy Valentine's Day. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. >This is a project I've been thinking about doing! I think yours turned out so cute, and doing the bracelet was a good idea. But how on earth would you make earrings?? I'm sure you'll figure out a way.

  3. >Isn't always sad when that favorite piece of clothing just gets too beat up to wear ? The neckalce was a brilliant idea to keep your fabulous purple close by !I hope you are having a sweet Love Day !

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