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>My postcards – Mes cartes postales


My postcards for Hanna’s swap are all done and in the mail. In the mosaic above, there are 2 postcards which you don’t see well because they are vertical instead of horizontal like all the others. But they all have the same style. I really loved working on them and hope the recipients will enjoy receiving them (note an 11th postcard in the mosaic… )
Mes cartes postales pour l’échange d’Hanna sont toutes terminées et à la poste. Dans la mosaïque ci-dessus, il y a 2 cartes postales que vous ne voyez pas aussi bien parce qu’elle sont verticales au lieu d’être horizontales comme les autres. Mais elles ont toutes le même style. J’ai beaucoup aimé travailler sur ces cartes et j’espère que les récipendiaires les apprécieront (notez une 11ème carte postale dans la mosaïque…)

19 thoughts on “>My postcards – Mes cartes postales

  1. TJ says:

    >What a stunning collection of postal cups! I'm so excited that I got Miss your name, I hadn't known at the time I sent it because I didn't know your actual "real life" name! LOL.Thank you so much for visiting my site and taking the time to comment. I can't believe Miss Koolaid was there!!Best wishes from germany,tj

  2. >Oh, my heavens to Betsy!! Sophie, I always love seeing your comments around our common blogs that we follow, you are fun, smart and sassy, and I just got your postcard!I feel so lucky. This is a pretty card, cheered me up after a long day at work, and I LOVE the splatters! I am a coffee girl. This is up in my living room.Thank you!

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