Peace Postcard – Carte Postale Paix

I’ve decided to start making postcards again and to send them in the mail. So, if I have your mailing address, you might receive a handmade postcard in the near future! And if I don’t have your address and you would like some mail art, leave me a comment and I’ll contact you by email for the pertinent information.

J’ai décidé de recommencer à faire des cartes postales et les envoyer par la poste. Alors, si j’ai votre adresse postale, vous pourriez recevoir une carte postale faite à la main dans l’avenir rapproché! Et si je n’ai pas votre adresse et que vous voulez recevoir du courrier artistique, laissez-moi un commentaires et je vous contacterez par courriel pour l’information pertinente.


4 thoughts on “Peace Postcard – Carte Postale Paix

  1. Barbara Gill says:

    I used to make postcards and really enjoyed getting them in the mail. I’d love to get one from you, and I will send you one in the future. Just don’t count on it anytime real soon. We are in the middle of a MAJOR remodeling project, and I’m not sure I can even find anything that might resemble my quilt studio. (It’s packed to the ceiling with “stuff” from other rooms.)

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