The time is now

Hello dear readers,

Once again, I seem to have taken a long unscheduled break from blogging. Because of this time-out, I was actually thinking of ending my blog even going as far as deleting it. But then, last week, one of my friends posted on Facebook about how she missed the blogging community and taking the time to visit everyone’s blog. She got so many comments on that post that I figured I shouldn’t dismiss the topic so quickly. And when I started thinking about it, I realized that most of the friends I have, I’ve met through blogging. In fact, I’ve been friends with some of them for over 10 years now.

Going back to Lisa‘s post… Terri, a mutual friend of ours, left a comment that really resonated with me. She wrote:

I keep thinking about this post, and the ways Facebook and blogging are different…It’s kind of like the difference between seeing everyone you know at a party, where everyone is trying to quickly work their way around the room just to say “Hi,” versus sitting down to lunch with a friend to really catch up with each other and share what’s on their mind and in their hearts.

I completely agree with this comparison! And this is why I decided to finally come back to my blog. I’m not satisfied with the look, the banner and most of what is happening on here right now but I’ll keep playing around until I find something more my style.

And because I know I prefer to read a blog post that has some visual, here are 3 ink drawings I created this week as part of Inktober.

Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “The time is now

  1. So glad you decided to keep on blogging! I really ought to look in on my poor dusty blogs too. Thanks for the nice mention. Glad my comment resonated.

  2. Oh you’re doing inktober? I’m impressed. And if you’d delete your blog, it would feel like we couldn’t have lunch anymore at all… :./ Or that you could have lunch with me, but I was just talking and talking and I couldn’t see you! 🙂


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