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Art experiments

This is a quick post to tell you about a local artist I really like, Guylaine Couture. She works mostly with paper and ink, creating collages and art books. She also makes zines. Since the beginning of this year, she’s started a project called Guylaine Lab. Once a month, on the 15th, she sends an email with an experiment for us to try.

The first month, we were to collect data and find a way to illustrate it: we tracked everything we drank for 5 days. We could collect any data relevant to the experience: place, time, quantity, colour… This is what my experiment looked like:

For the second experiment, we were to create a mask representing our creative flow. I only managed a few notes on paper and never actually created the mask. This was too much out of my comfort zone but I did acknowledge that.

Finally, the third experiment which I completed last week. We were to listen to a piece of music and scribble on a piece of paper at the same time. We had to do the exercise with our right hand, then our left. We then repeated the exercise at a later date, changing pens if we wanted. And again a third time on a third day. After that, we had to cut each sheet in six pieces and choose seven or more pieces to create a composition. I chose to glue my piece on an old manila folder. The final step of the experiment was to use our fingers to dab paint on the composition. This experiment inspired one of my daily collages.

I’m really enjoying these experiments. If you’d like to participate, sign up on the blog. Even though she mostly posts in French, she does attach a translation to the experiment emails. I hope you’ll join us!

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Lost and found

Dear readers,

It seems that I got lost outside the blogosphere once again. It seems to happen fairly regularly. Though I always seem to find my way back, this time I almost didn’t return at all. I almost deleted my blog. But, as you can see, I didn’t. I just couldn’t let it go. So here I am.

“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse

Since I last wrote, I’ve been keeping busy. Creating on a regular basis until the holidays though not necessarily daily. But since January 1st, I’ve somehow been creating a collage every single day. I hadn’t planned to start another daily project and honestly, I don’t know how long it’ll last but I’m enjoying the process so far.

I’ve also done other things like painting flowers in February and learning to crochet in March. I joined a volunteer group where we sew reusable bags from second hand fabrics. And of course, I’m doing all sorts of activities with my students: crafts, experiments, games… Busy, busy, busy!

I’ll try to come back regularly to show you what I’ve done and to share some inspiration from other artists. Thank you for stopping by!