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Arts and cats

Today, I didn’t have time to take photos during my fine motor activity but we did a few basic models of origami. The kids did really well and I hope we have time to do more before our session ends in November. I guess you’ll have to settle for my art instead! (wink wink) Anyway, yesterday being a holiday, I had time to play a little more and did just that in my art journal. Some paint, collage, more paint… and I ended up with a lollipop flower of sorts. And today, a small mandala. Drawing is really my go-to when I don’t know what to create. It’s so simple and I don’t have to think about it much.

Since I don’t have work stuff to share, I thought I’d share a couple of photos of my babies, Pearl and Diesel. Pearl is the smallest of the two, a little over 4 years old, and really cuddly. Diesel is 12 -1/2 years old and very independent most of the time. Except when I eat a muffin, then she meows until I give her a piece or four.

I love them both, they bring me so much joy.

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Street theatre festival

Tonight was the first night of our local street theatre festival which occurs annually. I try to go see at least one show each year. This time, I was able to see 5 shows already. Of the 5, I really liked the first, a synchronized performance of two “supermarket cashiers”, and the last, a combination of tango and fire. I least enjoyed the improv show and found interesting the street performance (4 people dressed in black with yellow lines, literally performing as a moving street), and the orchestra of crows which you can see a bit in this low quality photo:


And inspired by tonight’s shows, I made this really quick drawing in less than 5 minutes.


After a long day of meeting after meeting at work and 3 hours of watching street theatre, I’m too tired to do anything more. So good night and thanks for visiting.

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August so far

Bollywood at Orientalys

What’s this? A second post before the end of the month? Oh my!!!

I’ve been quite busy over the past couple of weeks. Exploring the city and its many activities. Hanging out with family and friends as well as taking some time to myself.

Over the weekend, I went to a free event called Orientalys. All things oriental. I had some henna done on my right hand, ate Moroccan and Lebanese delights and watched some amazing belly dance and Bollywood performances. A feast for the senses, really! I’m more in love with belly dancing and Bollywood than ever before! And I’m thinking of learning to do henna body art. Because of a health issue, I probably won’t get any more tattoos so henna is a really good alternative (and I could turn it into a side job if I get really good at it!)

On the creativity front, things are looking up. I’ve played in my art journals a few times, sewed some Kool Kreatures, created a mixed media canvas (photos to come) and started getting back into making friendship bracelets.

Photo: Bollywood dancers. Altered in Picasa.

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Photo Friday Favourite Things – Vendredi Photo Choses Préférées

Tattooed Girl print by The Black Apple. You Are Already Perfect print by Kal Barteski. Books by J.R. Ward. Octopus by MissKoolAid. Squishy Turtle from Barcelona.

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Photo Friday – Vendredi photo: Tangle in progress

Working on some coasters this morning. Have a nice weekend!

Je travaille sur des sous-verres ce main. Passez une belle fin de semaine!

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Dyeing experiment – Expérience en teinture

Small pieces of fabric in beet juice. Photo altered in Picasa.

Petits morceaux de tissu dans du jus de betterave. Photo altérée dans Picasa.

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The family’s baby – La petite dernière

Photo taken by my brother with his iPhone. Photo prise par mon frère avec son iPhone.

We’re all animal lovers in our family. So when my brother, who already has two cats (Pixel and Maus) decided to adopt a dog, my mother and I just had to go pick her up with him. And we instantly fell in love with this adorable English Bulldog.  Her name? Lazy!

Nous aimons tous les animaux dans notre famille. Alors quand mon frère, qui a déjà deux chattes (Pixel et Maus) a décidé d’adopter un chien, ma mère et moi devions absolument l’accompagner pour aller la chercher. Et nous sommes immédiatement tomber sous le charme de cette adorable Bulldog Anglaise. Son nom? Lazy (Paresseuse!)