Mini Kool Kreature – Mini Kréature Kool

It had been quite a while since I had made a Kool Kreature. Yesterday, this little mouse just begged to be born. So I gave her life. She small, about 3″ long (not counting the tail) and 2.5″ at her widest. I wanted her to have a bit of weight so I started by filling her with rice and then finished with Polyfill. She’s exactly as I had envisioned her and I will be a bit sad to let her go but let her go I must! She’s in the shop, if you’d like to give her a new home… … Continue reading Mini Kool Kreature – Mini Kréature Kool

Lazy’s Kool Kreature – Kréature Kool pour Lazy

I played with my sewing machine yesterday and finally make the chew toy I wrote about on Friday. I wanted some embellishments on it but nothing that a puppy could rip out and choke on. So it’s jeans on jeans. I put a plastic bag inside the form and then filled that with polyfill. The plastic bag gives it a bit of a crinkly noise. I hope that Lazy will like her new toy! J’ai joué avec ma machine à coudre hier et j’ai finalement fait le jouet à mordiller que j’ai mentionné Vendredi. Je voulais un peu d’embellissements dessus … Continue reading Lazy’s Kool Kreature – Kréature Kool pour Lazy

Photo Friday Recycling Jeans – Vendredi Photo Recycler des Jeans

After spending all summer creating on Index cards and half a month doing my zentangle coasters, I really feel the need to get back to other forms of creativity. Like sewing. And artistic recycling. I’m hoping to turn these pieces of worn out jeans into a chew-toy for my brother’s dog. I’ll let you know if it worked or not. Wishing you a fun-filled weekend! And if you can, stop by my mom’s blog to see her beautiful coasters! (She loves comments too!) Après avoir passé tout l’été à créer sur des carte Index et un demi-mois à faire mes … Continue reading Photo Friday Recycling Jeans – Vendredi Photo Recycler des Jeans

Tank top revamp – Retapage de camisole

My mother showed me an interesting technique in a local magazine that I absolutely wanted to try as soon as possible. The article mentioned to use natural fiber for the cloth so I picked this 100% cotton white tank top. I drew my design with a permanent marker and coloured it with wax crayons. When I was all done, I ironed the cloth on the reverse, making sure to have a sheet of white paper or two between the design and the ironing surface, in this case, inside the tank top after turning it inside-out. I ironed the design to … Continue reading Tank top revamp – Retapage de camisole

Pretty bag – Joli sac

Last week, I was delivering one of my Kool Kreatures by hand and thought it needed a cute wrapping. This past Spring, I received a box full of fabric swatches in all sorts of pretty prints. So I picked one with colours that matched the KK and sewed a small bag out of it. Simple. La semaine dernière, j’ai livré une de mes Kréatures Kools en main propre et je me disais que ça lui prennait un joli emballage. Au printemps dernier, j’ai reçu une boite pleine de catalogue d’échantillonage de tissu de toutes sortes. Alors j’en ai choisi un … Continue reading Pretty bag – Joli sac

Free supplies – Fournitures gratuites

This year, I have decided to buy as little art/craft supplies as possible. Of course, once in a while, I can’t resist a pad of paper or a rubber stamp or (especially) decorative tape. But one supply I easily get for free is fabric. Not many big pieces, usually, but I don’t do big fabric projects most of the time anyway. Yesterday, I received this huge bag of fleece remnants and a smaller bag (in the back, about half the size of the big one but just as heavy) with fabric used for soccer jerseys. Can you imagine all the … Continue reading Free supplies – Fournitures gratuites