Arts and crafts

A very short post tonight because it’s late and I’m tired. Yesterday, I drew a mandala on a previously painted page in one of my art journals. This journal is almost full so I’m just trying to fill it up before the end of the year. There’s probably less than 10 pages to go. And today, well tonight actually, I went back to an old craft of mine: a mini wreath ornament made from a wooden curtain ring. I picked seasonal colors seeing how it is officially fall now, which is my favorite season. That’s it for today. I’ll be … Continue reading Arts and crafts

Friday fun

Finally Friday! I’m slowly getting used to my new schedule at work. It’s a little more work but I love it. Of course, more work means less time for creating but I still managed to draw a mandala last night. Actually, it’s the last mandala in this round book. 20 pages, 20 mandalas. I’ll try to take a picture of all of them soon to show you the variety. This does not mean that I’m done drawing mandalas, only that they’ll be in another book and maybe bigger… Tonight, I had a little more time and decided to try something … Continue reading Friday fun

Weekend update

In case any of you were wondering, I didn’t post on Friday because I had a long day of cleaning at work and an evening of dancing which didn’t leave much time for in depth creating and blogging. In fact, my daily art was a quick sketch on a previously painted journal page. When I looked at the page, I immediately saw the elephant shape and the lady bust so I decided to sketch Marie-Elephantoinette! See what I did there?!? I will paint her at a later date. And over the weekend, I kept things simple again with some doodling … Continue reading Weekend update

Clipboard number two

Today, I decided to alter my second clipboard. I have one more to do and the I’ll hang them above my computer. Once again, I only used acrylic paints, some light modeling paste and stencils. For the first clipboard I had chosen butterflies, this time it’s birds. Here are the photos, showing the full clipboard and some details. Products used were as follows: Paints – Artist’s Loft, Americana and Hero Arts Ink Dauber; Stencils – Carabelle Studio, The Crafter’s Workshop and Prima Marketing; Light Modeling Paste from Liquitex. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do on the 3rd clipboard (flowers, … Continue reading Clipboard number two

My summer journal – Mon journal d’été

To those reading my blog on RSS feeds, sorry for some old posts showing up. I told you I was in the mood to make journals, didn’t I? Well, of course, I had to make myself a bigger journal for the summer! Of course! I wanted a lot of pages but in different sizes and textures. So I grabbed about 50 papers, envelops, tags, etc and bound them with my Bind-it-All, using an old book to make the covers. The book was covered with an adhesive plastic but I peeled it off. It left the surface slightly sticky so I … Continue reading My summer journal – Mon journal d’été

>Project ReStyle #13

> Last week, I didn’t feel like coming up with a ReStyle. But this week, I had the perfect canvas, so to speak. A sturdy cylindrical box which used to hold green tea. Some paint, grunging up and embellishments later, I have a love container to hold pens, pencils and other writing tools. (I am having fun playing with my photos in Gimp!) La semaine dernière, je n’avais pas le tête à faire un ReStyle. Mais cette semaine, j’avais le canvas idéal, si on veut. Une boite cylindrique solide qui contenait du thé vert auparavant. Une peu de peinture, un … Continue reading >Project ReStyle #13