Tree ATC trio

My first day back to work was fine but I’m quite tired tonight. So for my daily art, I simply drew some whimsical trees on watercolor ATCs. I then colored them in with markers which I then diluted and spread with a waterbrush to have a watercolor feel. Simple and fun.


If anyone is interested in a trade, let me know!

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Daily ATC in February


I’m having fun this month revisiting a format I hadn’t worked with in quite some time: the artist trading card (ATC). I used to participate in a lot of swaps and trades for ATCs and, later on, chunky book pages. At one point, it just became too much and I stopped. Now, I create for the joy of it and, if someone wants to trade, I’ll do it when I feel like it. I don’t want it to become an obligation or a burden like it was after a while. I want my art making to be a source of joy and even relaxation.

The techniques used for this first set are: collage, painting, drawing and stamping. If anyone is interested in trading for any of these, please let me know in the comments. 

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Canadian Thanksgiving – Action de grâce

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!

Joyeuse Action de Grâce à mes lecteurs/lectrices du Canada!

>Zentangle ATC #9 of 9 – CAÉ zentangle #9 de 9


I finally completed the last ATC in my full page mosaic. And here are the 9 ATCs assembled:
J’ai finalement terminé la dernières CAÉ de ma mosaïque plein page. Et voici les 9 CAÉs assemblées:
 I’m really happy with the result. And now, I’m not sure I want to see them go! Maybe I’ll keep just one of them and trade all the others…
Je suis vraiment heureuse du résultat. Et maintenant, je ne suis plus certaine de vouloir les voir partir! Peut-être que j’en garderai une et j’échangerai les autres…

>Silly duck ATC – CAÉ Canard bizarre


I have started making simple ATCs again, mostly because I want to have a few available to trade with my mother’s students. I love to encourage young talents and I think that trading ATCs with them is a great way to do so. I have a few in the works but this one was finished while watching the final game between the Habs and the Bruins. I rarely watch whole hockey games because I get over-excited but I just had to watch that one last night. Unfortunately, the Habs lost but it was a really great game.
J’ai recommencé à faire des CAÉ simples, surtout parce que je veux en avoir de disponibles pour échanger avec les élèves de ma mère. J’aime encourager les jeunes talents et je pense qu’échanger des CAÉ est une bonne façon de le faire. J’en ai quelques-unes de commencées mais celle-ci fut terminée en regardant la dernière partie entre le Canadien et les Bruins. Je regarde rarement une partie entière de hockey parce que je deviens sur-excitée mais je me devais de regarder celle-là hier soir. Malheureusement, le Canadien a perdu mais c’était une très bonne partie.

>Zentangle ATC #5 of 9 – CAÉ zentangle #5 de 9


Only one ATC left to fill and the mosaic will be complete!
Une seule CAÉ à remplir et la mosaïque sera complète!
#1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8

>A few little things – Quelques petites choses


I have a few things to show you today.
J’ai quelques choses à vous montrer aujourd’hui.
First off, the cover of my March journal. I haven’t done nearly as much as I would’ve liked in it but I did do a few pages which I will show next week. Next to it is a smaller journal which was made from the third signature of the journal, which fell out due to a bad choice in thread for the binding.
Tout d’abord, la couverture de mon journal de mars. Je n’en ai pas fait autant que j’aurais voulu à l’intérieur mais j’ai quand même fait quelques pages que je vous montrerai la semaine prochaine. À ces côtés, un plus petit journal fait à partir du troisième feuillet du journal, lequel s’est décroché dû à une mauvais choix de fil.
 Next, a simple mandala done over the weekend and which I had completely forgotten about before making this post!
Suit un mandala simple que j’ai fait au courant de la fin de semaine et que j’avais oublié jusqu’à ce que j’écrive cet article!
Finally, this is the #1 ATC for the Zentangle mosaic. I only have two left and the set will be complete. I am looking forward to seeing the final result.
Finalement, voici la CAÉ #1 pour la mosaïque zentangle. Il ne m’en reste que deux et l’ensemble sera complet. J’ai hâte de voir le résultat final.

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