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August so far

Bollywood at Orientalys

What’s this? A second post before the end of the month? Oh my!!!

I’ve been quite busy over the past couple of weeks. Exploring the city and its many activities. Hanging out with family and friends as well as taking some time to myself.

Over the weekend, I went to a free event called Orientalys. All things oriental. I had some henna done on my right hand, ate Moroccan and Lebanese delights and watched some amazing belly dance and Bollywood performances. A feast for the senses, really! I’m more in love with belly dancing and Bollywood than ever before! And I’m thinking of learning to do henna body art. Because of a health issue, I probably won’t get any more tattoos so henna is a really good alternative (and I could turn it into a side job if I get really good at it!)

On the creativity front, things are looking up. I’ve played in my art journals a few times, sewed some Kool Kreatures, created a mixed media canvas (photos to come) and started getting back into making friendship bracelets.

Photo: Bollywood dancers. Altered in Picasa.


>After the show – Après le spectacle


I had a really busy weekend with rehearsal and shows so I didn’t have time to create anything. But I can show you the 2 costumes I wore. The pink one was for the intermediate choreography and the gold and blue for the beginner’s. I had only 6 weeks to learn the beginner’s choreography due to other dancers giving up but everything turned out great. I had a blast and can’t wait to do it again next year.
J’ai eu une fin de semaine occupée avec la pratique et les spectacles alors je n’ai pas eu le temps de créer quoi que ce soit. Mais je peux vous montrer les 2 costumes que j’ai portés. Le rose était pour la chorégraphie intermediaire et le doré et bleu pour celle des débutantes. J’ai eu seulement 6 semaines pour apprendre la chorégraphie débutante parce que d’autres danseuses ont abandonné mais tout a bien fini. J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir et j’ai hâte de recommencer l’année prochaine.
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>Photo Friday #13 – Vendredi photo #13


Diesel loves to hide in my reusable shopping bags. And she loves to play with pieces of paper. I could not resist this shot.
I’m going to be busy all weekend with my bellydance show. I’m nervous but excited. Hopefully I will have some photos to share with you, at least of my costumes.
Have a nice weekend!
Diesel aime se cacher dans mes sacs de magasinage réutilisables. Et elle aime jouer avec des morceaux de papier. Je ne pouvais résister à cette prise.
J’ai une fin de semaine occupée avec mon spectacle de baladi. Je suis nerveuse mais excitée. J’espère avoir des photos à partager avec vous, au moins de mes costumes.
Passez une belle fin de semaine!
photographie, photography

>Bellydance bokeh – Bokeh baladi


My belly dance lessons started again last night. I really enjoy this type of dance. When I got back, I thought I’d try a macro shot of my hip scarf. It’s not the ideal light but the I like the shot. Next time, I’ll try to do it in daylight.
Mes cours de baladi ont recommencé hier soir. J’ai vraiment ce genre de danse. Quand je suis revenue, je me suis dit que je devrais essayer une photo en macro de mon foulard pour les hanches. L’éclairage n’est pas idéal mais j’aime cette prise. La prochaine fois, j’essaierai de prendre la photo de jour.