Peace Postcard – Carte Postale Paix

I’ve decided to start making postcards again and to send them in the mail. So, if I have your mailing address, you might receive a handmade postcard in the near future! And if I don’t have your address and you would like some mail art, leave me a comment and I’ll contact you by email for the pertinent information. J’ai décidé de recommencer à faire des cartes postales et les envoyer par la poste. Alors, si j’ai votre adresse postale, vous pourriez recevoir une carte postale faite à la main dans l’avenir rapproché! Et si je n’ai pas votre adresse … Continue reading Peace Postcard – Carte Postale Paix

Two postcards – Deux cartes postales

The last postcard swap I participated in required us to make four postcards. I received only two postcards but they are beautiful enough to cover for the absence of the other two. The “Journey” postcard was sent by Andria and the colourful one comes from Mary (it’s my second postcard from Mary!) I love sending and receiving colourful mail so if you’re looking for someone to trade postcards with, let me know. La dernière fois que j’ai participé dans un échange de cartes postales, nous devions faire quatre cartes postales. Je n’en ai reçues que deux mais elles sont assez … Continue reading Two postcards – Deux cartes postales

>Find your wings – Trouve tes ailes

>  One of the postcards I received in Hanna’s swap was from Danielle. When I went to Danielle’s blog, to thank her for the beautiful art, I saw she was thinking of hosting her own postcard swap. So I told her I was interested in participating. It’s a much smaller swap (only 8 people total) but it’s fun nonetheless. I decided to make 4 very similar postcards and used yesterday’s stamp on them. You can see all 4 below. Hopefully, the recipients will like them. Une des cartes postales que j’ai reçue dans l’échange d’Hanna était de Danielle. Quand je … Continue reading >Find your wings – Trouve tes ailes

>A new stamp and a new goal – Une nouvelle étampe et un nouveau but

> Yesterday, I decided to start rearranging my living room/studio. The table I was using to do my art is too low so I moved another one in which has folding panels. I started moving my main supplies to my new work area and I suddenly knew what I needed to finish the postcards I was working on for a swap: a new bird stamp! So I carved my stamp and then tested it on a journal cover before completing my postcards. You can see one of them in the background (they are all similar.) I will scan or photograph … Continue reading >A new stamp and a new goal – Une nouvelle étampe et un nouveau but

>Mail art – Art postal

> This year, I was lucky to receive these 10 postcards in Hanna’s swap. I love each and everyone of them and am thinking of ways to store/display them.  Turtle from Regina, Pippi Longstocking from p.strange, Be Creative from Hanna (!), Heart in hands from Charlotte in Sweden, Mini tags from TJ, Organic abstract from Arden Hill in Canada, Pink and yellow from Mary, Draft from Lay Hoon, Japanese card from Danielle and Circles from Dori. Cette année, j’ai eu la chance de recevoir ces 10 cartes postales dans l’échange d’Hanna. Je les aime toutes et pense à une façon … Continue reading >Mail art – Art postal

>My postcards – Mes cartes postales

> My postcards for Hanna’s swap are all done and in the mail. In the mosaic above, there are 2 postcards which you don’t see well because they are vertical instead of horizontal like all the others. But they all have the same style. I really loved working on them and hope the recipients will enjoy receiving them (note an 11th postcard in the mosaic… ) Mes cartes postales pour l’échange d’Hanna sont toutes terminées et à la poste. Dans la mosaïque ci-dessus, il y a 2 cartes postales que vous ne voyez pas aussi bien parce qu’elle sont verticales … Continue reading >My postcards – Mes cartes postales