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I don’t know what titles to give my posts anymore. It’s actually becoming a problem for me. Does anyone have ideas, tips? Do they actually need titles? Should I just leave it blank? Argh! Help!

Anyway, on to the post. I’m starting by showing you what we worked on in my fine motor skills activity today: graphic practice. We traced lines and shapes as well as numbers.

Everyone did very well and was so concentrated that we barely had time to use the manipulation objects so no photo of that.

Yesterday, I had no idea what I wanted to do for my daily art. I had a pile of book pages next to my desk so I decided to cut them and glue them in my art journal (8.5″ x 11″). Some of them already had paint and I added texture with some mesh tape so a light coat of gesso was all it took to make it more uniform. And I drew the glass with a charcoal pencil, smudged parts of it for the shadows and added a bit of white paint pen for extra lights. I really love how it came out. I might actually rip the page out of the journal to frame it!


And finally today, I went for a hand-lettered quote in my “Words of Wisdom” composition book. Thanks for looking!


Weekend update

Another busy weekend came and went. Once again, I created simple art. It’s so easy to fit in my schedule. There’s not much to say about my creations so I’ll just let the images speak for themselves.

Thanks for visiting!

Weekend creations

The weekend was busy so I decided to do simple stuff for my art. A zentangle on Saturday. I hadn’t done a zentangle since my series of coasters in January so I was a bit rusty but it came out fine. 

On Sunday, i did a silly drawing in a book titled Complete This Drawing. My mother and I take turns drawing in it. On the left, you can see the design I chose which was obviously meant to be a squirrel’s tail but I turned it into a funky hairdo. We usually draw something other than what it’s supposed to be. 

And finally, today I did some more postcards. This time, I created collages on them. At the beginning of the year, I had the intention of sending letters and postcards to friends but never got around to doing it so I’m making various postcards to send out before the end of the year. 

These were fun to make so there might be more collages and/or postcards in the near future. 

Thank you for visiting and see you tomorrow!

Art journal page

I was very hot today and I went in my studio later than usual because of the heat. I decided not to install the AC this year because I like to keep the windows open and listen to the neighborhood’s wild life.

Anyway, when I sat down to do some art, I had no idea what to do. I wanted something that wouldn’t take too long. So I picked up my art journal and a box of collage elements and got started. Well, I played for one hour until I got the result you see below.

Bunny art journal page

I had no plan while doing this page. Just playing with papers and paints.

Material used: Americana paints in Lipstick, Flamingo and Coastal Waters; Neocolor II in Yellow Green and Cobalt Blue; gesso; washi tapes; empty cardboard rolls as stamps; and of course, papers from magazines and newspaper with Collage Pauge.

Thanks for visiting and see you tomorrow.

Daily ATC in February


I’m having fun this month revisiting a format I hadn’t worked with in quite some time: the artist trading card (ATC). I used to participate in a lot of swaps and trades for ATCs and, later on, chunky book pages. At one point, it just became too much and I stopped. Now, I create for the joy of it and, if someone wants to trade, I’ll do it when I feel like it. I don’t want it to become an obligation or a burden like it was after a while. I want my art making to be a source of joy and even relaxation.

The techniques used for this first set are: collage, painting, drawing and stamping. If anyone is interested in trading for any of these, please let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for visiting!

Making collage paper – Faire du papier pour collage

When I was working on my painted pages last Sunday, I had a couple layers of tissue paper taped on my table to have a clean working space. When I am mixing my paints, I like to test them on something first so I did just that on this paper. As well as sprayed some inks with stencils, stamped leftover paint with foam stamps, brushed extra paint, etc. At the end, I end up with a colourful and textured paper that I can use in my collages, in my art journal or wherever I see fit! No two papers end up the same so it’s unique collage fodder every single time!

Quand je travaillais sur mes pages peintes dimanche dernier, j’avais deux feuilles de papier de soie collé avec du ruban adhésif sur ma table pour avoir une surface de travail propre. Quand je mélange mes peintures, j’aime les essayer sur quelque chose d’autre au départ alors c’est ce que j’ai fait avec ce papier. J’ai aussi vaporisé des encres au travers de pochoirs, étampé du surplus de peinture avec des étampes en mousse, brossé de la peinture d’extra, etc. À la fin, je me retrouve devant un papier coloré et texturé que je peux utiliser dans mes collages, mon journal artistique ou n’importe où qui m’intéresse! Il n’y a jamais deux papiers identiques alors c’est du matériel à collage unique à chaque fois!

Index-Card-A-Day 1 to 5

Here is my first update for the Index-Card-A-Day challenge. On the first card, I wrote on the front and doodled on the back with gel pens. The other cards are only one-sided. For day 2, I doodled with fine markers from the dollar store. Day 3 is a collage of pieces found on my floor (including the embroidery floss) and then I drew the bird with a fountain pen. On day 4, I played with paints and a few small mark making tools. And, finally, day 5 saw the use of watercolour, rub-ons and bits and pieces found while sorting through my piles of stuff.

Voici ma première mise à jour pour le défi Index-Card-A-Day. Sur la première carte, j’ai écrit sur le recto et dessiné au verso avec des stylos gel. Les autres cartes sont seulement recto. Pour le 2e jour, j’ai gribouillé avec des feutres fins du magasin à un dollar. Jour 3 est un collage de morceaux trouvés sur mon planché (incluant le fil à broder) puis j’ai dessiné l’oiseau avec une plume. Pour le 4e jour, j’ai joué avec mes peintures et de petits outils marqueurs. Et, finalement, jour 5 a vu l’utilisation d’aquarelle, de transferts et de morceaux trouvés en fouillant dans mes piles de fournitues.

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