Weekend update

Lately, it is becoming difficult to create every single day. Not because of time but because of inspiration. See, officially, today is day 297 of my daily art project. But really, I’ve been creating daily art since November 1st of last year. That’s a lot of arts and crafts. And coming up with what to do next gets harder and harder. But I’m no quitter so you might see a lot more zentangles, mandalas and line drawings than anything else because that’s all I can come up with these days. And on that note, here are my creations from Friday, … Continue reading Weekend update

Weekend update

I had a very rough emotional weekend and I don’t feel like writing a long post today so I’ll keep it short and simple. Friday night, I drew a mandala on a pre-painted background in my art journal. It’s not my best mandala but it’s there nonetheless. Saturday was a quick continuous line drawing because it was late. And finally today, a trio of ATCs, which are available for trade if anyone’s interested. I hope your weekend was quieter than mine! Continue reading Weekend update


I’ve thought about it and starting this weekend, I’ll be changing by blogging schedule as follows: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. For the rest of the month, I’m continuing to do mostly drawings. And I’ve already decided that for October, I’ll be doing some more 3D cards as well as ATCs and postcards. It will be a “mail art” month. And I will definitely mail some out randomly. Now, today I’m showing you two very different drawings. One was done in the Complete This Drawing book. The other is a very simple and very quick continuous line drawing in my mini … Continue reading Drawings

>Continuous line drawing – Dessin à ligne continue

> I don’t remember where I found this exercise but it’s a good way to rethink drawing details. The idea is to make a drawing without ever lifting your pencil from the page. To make it a bit more interesting, I coloured it with watercolour pencils then flicked some water on the drawing to make the colours bleed a bit. And I sprayed it with a shimmering mix afterwards but that doesn’t show in the scan. *** Je ne me souviens plus où j’ai trouvé cet exercice mais c’est une bonne façon de repenser comment on dessine des détails. L’idée … Continue reading >Continuous line drawing – Dessin à ligne continue