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I love my neighborhood, I really do, but this week, I wish it wasn’t so “photogenic.” Let me explain: there’s a movie being filmed just around the corner, a remake of Death Wish, featuring Bruce Willis. No I haven’t see Mr. Willis because when they’re filming I’m either working or in bed. There lies the problem: they are filming gun shot sequences… gun shot… late in the evening when I’m going to bed, or, like today, really early in the morning when I still have 30 minutes to sleep… Bad sleep = lack of inspiration to create. So yesterday, I managed a quick doodle in my sketchbook and today, some quick experiments with Sharpie markers on glossy paper and with alcohol dripped over it. They are postcard-size so I might end up collaging or doodling on top…

And for my fine motor skills activity, we worked on our skills by playing a few “precision” games such as Mikado (pick-up-sticks), Jenga, dominoes (standing them upright without making them fall), and building houses of cards. The kids had fun and the activity was a bit less involved for me which was a good thing today! I only took a few photos of the houses of cards.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Hopefully, tonight I’ll get more sleep…

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Dyeing experiment – Expérience en teinture

Small pieces of fabric in beet juice. Photo altered in Picasa.

Petits morceaux de tissu dans du jus de betterave. Photo altérée dans Picasa.

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More Kool Kreatures – Plus de Kréatures Kools

As promised, here is the last batch of Kool Kreatures I made for the kids at school. I used my patterns for these except for the pink and blue cat at the top. This one is tiny compared to the others. It measures about 1″ x 2″. I have other things in store for the kids so don’t worry about them! In fact, a few of them want to make their own felt creatures so I will teach them how next week. As for myself, I will be doing other Kreatures but they will be going into my shop.

There are other things I want to do this month ( I can’t believe it’s already June!) One of these things is “Index-Card-A-Day“, hosted by Tammy over at Daisy Yellow, as well as her Creative Experiments which I will try to do on the Index cards whenever possible. I will post my completed cards once a week to keep you updated. Let me know if you decide to play along. I also want to get back to art journaling, which I haven’t really done in the past month and a half. And I want to make more journals and notebooks to sell. My living room/studio still isn’t to my liking but it’s getting there so I’ll keep working on it. So many things to do, so little time! Well, at least I know I won’t ever be bored!

Comme promis, voici le dernier lot de Kréatures Kools que j’ai fait pour les enfants à l’école. J’ai utilisé mes modèles pour celles-ci à l’exception du chat rose et bleu en haut. Celui-ci est minuscule par rapport aux autres. Il mesure environ 2.5 cm x 5 cm. J’ai d’autres choses de prévues pour les enfants alors ne vous inquiétez pas pour eux! En fait, quelques-uns d’entre eux veulent créer leurs propres créatures en feutrine alors je leur apprendrai la semaine prochaine. Quant à moi, je vais faire d’autres Kréatures qui se retrouveront dans ma boutique.

Il y a plusieurs choses que je veux faire ce mois-ci (difficile à croire que c’est déjà juin!) Une de ces choses est “Index-Card-A-Day“, organisée par Tammy de Daisy Yellow, ainsi que ses expériences créatives que je tenterai de faire sur les fiches réglées (Index Cards) lorsque possible. J’afficherai mes cartes remplies une fois par semaine pour vous tenir informé. Faites-moi savoir si vous décidez de participer aussi. Je veux aussi revenir à mon journal artistique que j’ai plutôt délaissé depuis un mois et demi. Et je veux faire plus de journaux et cahiers pour vendre. Mon salon/atelier n’est pas encore à mon goût mais ça s’en vient alors je vais continuer à y travailler. Tant de choses à faire, si peu de temps! Eh bien, au moins je sais que je ne m’ennuierai pas!