I love my neighborhood, I really do, but this week, I wish it wasn’t so “photogenic.” Let me explain: there’s a movie being filmed just around the corner, a remake of Death Wish, featuring Bruce Willis. No I haven’t see Mr. Willis because when they’re filming I’m either working or in bed. There lies the problem: they are filming gun shot sequences… gun shot… late in the evening when I’m going to bed, or, like today, really early in the morning when I still have 30 minutes to sleep… Bad sleep = lack of inspiration to create. So yesterday, I … Continue reading Experiments

More Kool Kreatures – Plus de Kréatures Kools

As promised, here is the last batch of Kool Kreatures I made for the kids at school. I used my patterns for these except for the pink and blue cat at the top. This one is tiny compared to the others. It measures about 1″ x 2″. I have other things in store for the kids so don’t worry about them! In fact, a few of them want to make their own felt creatures so I will teach them how next week. As for myself, I will be doing other Kreatures but they will be going into my shop. There … Continue reading More Kool Kreatures – Plus de Kréatures Kools