Index-Card-A-Day 6 to 11 and a blog break

On the 6th, I forgot to make my Index card so instead, on the 7th, I taped two cards together. For those, I decided to test my homemade ink sprays with some paper stencils. On the 8th, I decided to fold the card into a butterfly. It’s one of my favourite origami models. On the 9th I tested my MKA stamp with printing inks. On the 10th, I had no idea what to do and it was late so I wrote a few words which were bouncing around in my head. And on the 11th, I played with a set … Continue reading Index-Card-A-Day 6 to 11 and a blog break

Index-Card-A-Day 1 to 5

Here is my first update for the Index-Card-A-Day challenge. On the first card, I wrote on the front and doodled on the back with gel pens. The other cards are only one-sided. For day 2, I doodled with fine markers from the dollar store. Day 3 is a collage of pieces found on my floor (including the embroidery floss) and then I drew the bird with a fountain pen. On day 4, I played with paints and a few small mark making tools. And, finally, day 5 saw the use of watercolour, rub-ons and bits and pieces found while sorting … Continue reading Index-Card-A-Day 1 to 5

More Kool Kreatures – Plus de Kréatures Kools

As promised, here is the last batch of Kool Kreatures I made for the kids at school. I used my patterns for these except for the pink and blue cat at the top. This one is tiny compared to the others. It measures about 1″ x 2″. I have other things in store for the kids so don’t worry about them! In fact, a few of them want to make their own felt creatures so I will teach them how next week. As for myself, I will be doing other Kreatures but they will be going into my shop. There … Continue reading More Kool Kreatures – Plus de Kréatures Kools

>Doodling fun – Le plaisir du gribouillage

>  In my inspiration files, I keep images that can be used to create doodles and patterns. So I decided to use a few of them and make a few doodles to incorporate in my mandalas and zentangles. Dans ma filière d’inspiration, je garde des images qui peuvent servir à créer des gribouillages et des motifs. Alors j’ai décidé d’en prendre quelques-uns et de faire quelques gribouillages à incorporer dans mes mandalas et zentangles.   At the top, a zebra-patterned vase gave me a few ideas. My favourite is the lower right one. At the bottom, chairs lined up, seen … Continue reading >Doodling fun – Le plaisir du gribouillage

>Links – Liens

> I finally made the linkable notebooks for the winner of my OWOH giveaway. They are going in the mail this week. J’ai finalement fait les cahiers emboitables pour la gagnante de mon tirage OWOH. Ils seront postés cette semaine.   Jumping from linkable to links… Here are a few that might interest you: Passons maintenant à quelques liens qui pourraient vous intéresser: -Kate is offering her first online class at The Queen of Creativity Castle: Mixed Media 101. Class starts on March 21st. -Kate offre son tout premier cours en ligne à The Queen of Creativity Castle: Mixed Media … Continue reading >Links – Liens

>Creative Experiment: Mirror writing – Écriture miroir

> Remember Tammy’s Creative Experiments? Well here is my second experiment: mirror writing. I used to practice writing like this a lot back in high school so it was fun to try again. Vous souvenez-vous des Expériences Créatives de Tammy? Et bien, voilà ma deuxième expérience: l’écriture miroir. Je pratiquais ce genre d’écriture souvent quand j’étais au secondaire alors c’était amusant d’essayer à nouveau. Continue reading >Creative Experiment: Mirror writing – Écriture miroir

>Double camera photography – Photographie à deux caméras

> One of the Creative Experiments on DaisyYellow this month is to take a photograph of something through something else. What better way to do this than with my Kodak Duaflex II? I simply set the Duaflex in front of my subject, in this case, my January journal, and then use my Nikon D40x to take a photo through the viewfinder which is on the top of the camera. Fun! Of course, I get a reversed image but I could easily mirror it in GIMP or Photoshop. I’m sure I’ll find other ways to interpret this prompt before the end … Continue reading >Double camera photography – Photographie à deux caméras