>Photo Friday #13 – Vendredi photo #13

> Diesel loves to hide in my reusable shopping bags. And she loves to play with pieces of paper. I could not resist this shot. I’m going to be busy all weekend with my bellydance show. I’m nervous but excited. Hopefully I will have some photos to share with you, at least of my costumes. Have a nice weekend! Diesel aime se cacher dans mes sacs de magasinage réutilisables. Et elle aime jouer avec des morceaux de papier. Je ne pouvais résister à cette prise. J’ai une fin de semaine occupée avec mon spectacle de baladi. Je suis nerveuse mais … Continue reading >Photo Friday #13 – Vendredi photo #13

>Photo Friday #1 – Vendredi Photo #1

> A lazy winter afternoon. Un après-midi d’hiver paresseux. In an effort to use my cameras for something other than my art/craft projects, I will now post photos on Fridays. Pour faire un effort et me servir de mes caméras pour autre chose que mes projets d’art/artisanat, j’afficherai maintenant des photos les vendredis.    Continue reading >Photo Friday #1 – Vendredi Photo #1

>Sketchbook Project: Diesel owns me

> The background had been done back in September. I added a photo of my Diesel and some journaling. Nothing fancy. Le fond avait été fait en Sepptembre. J’ai ajouté une photo de ma Diesel et du texte. Rien d’extraordinaire. Le texte: “Je dis toujours que j’appartiens à Diesel et d’une certaine façon, c’est vrai – Je pense qu’elle m’a choisi et non le contraire – Elle savait que j’aurais besoin d’elle dans ma vie – Et c’est le cas” Continue reading >Sketchbook Project: Diesel owns me

>The March creature completed – La créature de Mars terminée

> 5 months ago, I started a new stuffed creature with old knee-high socks.  Il y a 5 mois, j’ai commencé une créature rembourrée avec de vieux bas aux genoux.  Last weekend, I finally finished it, using an old blanket for its body and felt and buttons for its eyes. La fin de semaine dernière, je l’ai enfin terminée, une vieille couverture lui servant de corps et de la feutrine et des boutons pour les yeux.  Meet my new octopus! I haven’t found the perfect name for it yet so if you have an idea, do let me know. Je … Continue reading >The March creature completed – La créature de Mars terminée


>For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been struggling. Struggling with my art (my muse is playing hide and seek most days.) Struggling with my weight. Struggling with my thoughts and beliefs. Struggling with my choices. Today, I give myself permission to accept that I am not perfect. And my imperfections make me who I am. I am imperfectly human. I chose this photograph today because it is NOT perfect. My settings on my camera weren’t right and I just couldn’t work them out that day. But I love this photo anyway, for all its imperfections. Diesel looks like she … Continue reading >Imperfections

>I went on a date…

>… with myself, that is! Ha ha! Got you going, huh? At the beginning of the week, I had decided that tonight, I was finally bringing my two very full and very heavy garbage bags of clothes to donate to Village des Valeurs (a second hand store.) And after that, I was to go have a nice latte at Second Cup. Well, I did exactly that! Except that while at Village, I decided to look around, see if there was anything interesting for me. I found quite a few things but put a lot back on the shelves including a … Continue reading >I went on a date…

>Every Day Brings Something New

>Here’s a look at the journal I’m working in on a daily basis. As I said before, it was inspired by Emily Falconbridge’s gratitude journal. I made it by picking 52 pieces of paper, cardstock, envelops and whatever else I had on hand. It’s not too big (as you can see next to Diesel who wanted to model it for you!) I stamped the dates and left enough room to journal one or two sentences about what was new in the day. So far, I’ve written about a new perspective of life, new art and a new restaurant I tried.I … Continue reading >Every Day Brings Something New