Carved lines – Lignes gravées

I love stamps. I love carving. And I love lines. So this was bound to happen. Hand carved stamps with lines on them. And I love all three of them! Even with the little imperfections. Especially with the little imperfections! I know so many people who are crazy about perfection while I am the opposite. I love imperfection… well, only when it suits me! (Some things/moments just HAVE to be perfect.) So tell me, are you a perfectionist or do you embrace the little imperfections? (CeeCee, you don’t have to answer that!) 😉 J’aime les étampes. J’aime graver. Et j’aime … Continue reading Carved lines – Lignes gravées

Mandala stamp – Étampe mandala

Last week, I forgot to mention that one of the index cards was done by testing a new stamp. This mandala stamp. I carved it on June 24th and realized I needed finer carving knives. But for now, I will work with what I have. Above, you can see how the stamp looks with red printing ink and black dye ink. My collection of handmade stamps is becoming really interesting. I wonder what kind of design I’ll come up with next time… La semaine dernière, j’ai oublié de mentionner qu’une des cartes index avait été faite en testant une nouvelle … Continue reading Mandala stamp – Étampe mandala

Index-Card-A-Day 6 to 11 and a blog break

On the 6th, I forgot to make my Index card so instead, on the 7th, I taped two cards together. For those, I decided to test my homemade ink sprays with some paper stencils. On the 8th, I decided to fold the card into a butterfly. It’s one of my favourite origami models. On the 9th I tested my MKA stamp with printing inks. On the 10th, I had no idea what to do and it was late so I wrote a few words which were bouncing around in my head. And on the 11th, I played with a set … Continue reading Index-Card-A-Day 6 to 11 and a blog break

Thinking about the shop – Je pense à la boutique

Ever since I opened my online shop, I’ve been thinking about my future products and marketing. A couple of years ago, I had ordered free business cards. But when I received them, I realized I had made a mistake on them. I made corrections on a few of them but the 225 others (or so) are still in their box, unused. So one thing I want to do is to at least use them as a base for new business cards. I want to make something simple on my computer that I can then just cut to size and glue … Continue reading Thinking about the shop – Je pense à la boutique

>Find your wings – Trouve tes ailes

>  One of the postcards I received in Hanna’s swap was from Danielle. When I went to Danielle’s blog, to thank her for the beautiful art, I saw she was thinking of hosting her own postcard swap. So I told her I was interested in participating. It’s a much smaller swap (only 8 people total) but it’s fun nonetheless. I decided to make 4 very similar postcards and used yesterday’s stamp on them. You can see all 4 below. Hopefully, the recipients will like them. Une des cartes postales que j’ai reçue dans l’échange d’Hanna était de Danielle. Quand je … Continue reading >Find your wings – Trouve tes ailes

>A new stamp and a new goal – Une nouvelle étampe et un nouveau but

> Yesterday, I decided to start rearranging my living room/studio. The table I was using to do my art is too low so I moved another one in which has folding panels. I started moving my main supplies to my new work area and I suddenly knew what I needed to finish the postcards I was working on for a swap: a new bird stamp! So I carved my stamp and then tested it on a journal cover before completing my postcards. You can see one of them in the background (they are all similar.) I will scan or photograph … Continue reading >A new stamp and a new goal – Une nouvelle étampe et un nouveau but

>March Journal – Journal de Mars

> Although I already have plenty of bought and handmade journals, I could not resist making a new one for the month of March. I made 3 signatures of 5 sheets and hand-sewed them to the spine of the covers. I’ll show the outside in another post.  This is the first page I made in it. This paper is white cardstock. I used a mask (made by CeeCee) and sprayed over it with some shimmer mist. Then I glued the red label over it and doodled a bit with a silver gel pen. I quickly carved 3 small stamps and … Continue reading >March Journal – Journal de Mars