Kreatures in the making – Fabrication de Kréatures

Boy oh boy, is life keeping me busy! Work, love, work, family, love, work, friends… did I mention work? and love? Whatever free time I have when I’m home, I usually spend relaxing in front of the computer. Not very productive. So I don’t have anything to show and that bothers me. To change this, last night, I took out some felt and my scissors and started cutting shapes to make a few Kool Kreatures. Because I sew them by hand, I can do this while watching a movie or series online (I don’t even turn the TV on anymore) … Continue reading Kreatures in the making – Fabrication de Kréatures

Kool Sock Kreatures – Kréatures Chaussette Kools

It’s been over a month since I’ve done a Kool Kreature so I got an itch to get started again. These two are made from sock leftovers (from another project), buttons and felt. They measure approximately 3.5″ x 5″. They are available in my shop, as well as the second whale made last month. Ça fait plus d’un mois que j’ai fait une Kréature Kool alors j’ai eu le goût de m’y remettre. Ces deux-ci sont faites de restant de bas (provenant d’un autre projet), de boutons et de feutrine. Elles mesures environ 9cm x 12.5cm. Elles sont disponibles dans … Continue reading Kool Sock Kreatures – Kréatures Chaussette Kools

Kool Kreatures whale – Baleine Kréatures Kool

Last week, I mentioned in my art journal that I made my first sale through Artfire. My lovely friend CeeCee had commissioned me to make a grey whale with a red heart on it. Since I had two shades of grey in my felt stash, I made two whales. CeeCee picked the darker one (seen above) and I still have the lighter one (seen below) which will go in my shop but only in August. I really loved working on these. La semaine passée, j’ai mentionné dans mon journal artistique que j’ai eu ma première vente sur Artfire. Mon adorable … Continue reading Kool Kreatures whale – Baleine Kréatures Kool

More Kool Kreatures – Plus de Kréatures Kools

As promised, here is the last batch of Kool Kreatures I made for the kids at school. I used my patterns for these except for the pink and blue cat at the top. This one is tiny compared to the others. It measures about 1″ x 2″. I have other things in store for the kids so don’t worry about them! In fact, a few of them want to make their own felt creatures so I will teach them how next week. As for myself, I will be doing other Kreatures but they will be going into my shop. There … Continue reading More Kool Kreatures – Plus de Kréatures Kools

New Kool Kreatures – Nouvelles Kréatures Kools

Here are a few new Kreatures I made over the weekend. For the first set, I had drawn shapes on cardboard so I could reuse them. The largest one measured approximately 4″ x 7″. In this group, I just cut shapes out of the felt, without any pattern. The biggest one of these (the owl) measures approximately 3″ x 4″. The idea behind these was to use as much of my leftover pieces as possible. I brought these four to the kids yesterday and the only one left at the end of the day was that angry looking Kreature at … Continue reading New Kool Kreatures – Nouvelles Kréatures Kools

>Being productive – Être productive

> The Kool Kreatures (thanks for the name Kim!!!) I made last weekend have all been adopted! So I told the students I would be making more during this weekend. When I’m doing similar things like these, I work in an “assembly line” type of way. I start by choosing my colors and then cutting all the shapes I need. After that, I start sewing the face elements: smaller felt pieces, buttons, embroidery, etc. Then, I sew the big pieces together to make the Kreatures, stuff the shapes with Polyfill and finally, sew them shut. Doing all the sewing by … Continue reading >Being productive – Être productive

>Foughnut anyone? – Un feignet peut-être?

> Yes, you read that right: foughnut. As in Felt Doughnut! After creating a bunch of creatures, I decided to try something new. And this little doughnut was born! It’s far from being perfect but I love it anyway. Just looking at it makes me happy! I especially love the beads/sprinkles. I love the names being suggested in the comments from yesterday’s post. Don’t be shy if you have any ideas! Oui, vous avez bien lu: un feigne. Comme pour Beignet Feutrine! Après avoir créé une série de créatures, j’ai décidé d’essayer quelque chose de nouveau. Et ce petit beigne … Continue reading >Foughnut anyone? – Un feignet peut-être?