Birthday cards for friends – Cartes de fêtes pour des amies

My two best friends celebrated their birthday last week. One on the 6th, the other on the 8th. I met them both through work, one at my last school, the other at a scrapbook store where I was employed for a few months. They have similar personalities but very different styles. So I had to make completely different card styles for them. And that was fun!

Geneviève is full of zest. Always happy and talkative. She is also a big Habs fan (local hockey team) so when I found a stationary kit at the dollar store with the bear on the packaging, I had to buy it for her! I used the hockey bear on the card and layered it over the team’s colours.

Catherine is my fellow artist. And my tea buddy. And my “fang sistah”. We have so many things in common that we can spend hours talking and still have something to say/write the next day. Her favourite colour combination at the moment is yellow and grey so that’s what I chose for her card. She also likes a bit of bling which I added with small rhinestones and, though you can’t tell from the photo, a shimmery paper (the yellow one.)

Ever since I started making my own cards, I can’t even imagine buying/using store-bought ones. A card doesn’t need to look complicated to make a statement. These two cards are simple but have so much more personality than anything you could find in a store. And you know what? Sometimes less (embellishments) is more (overall effect.)

Mes deux meilleures amies ont célébré leur anniversaire la semaine passée. Une le 6, l’autre le 8. Je les ai toutes deux rencontrées au travail, une à mon ancienne école, l’autre dans une boutique de scrapbooking où j’ai travaillé quelques mois. Elles ont des personnalités semblables mais de styles complètement différents. Alors j’ai dû faire des styles de carte complètement différents. Et c’était amusant!

Geneviève est pleine de vie. Toujours heureuse et jasante. Elle est aussi une grande fan du Canadien de Montréal (équipe de hockey local) alors quand j’ai trouvé une trousse de bureau au Dollarama avec l’ourson sur l’emballage, je n’ai pas pu résister! Je me suis servie de l’ourson hockyeur sur la carte, par-dessus les couleurs de l’équipe.

Catherine est ma consoeur artiste. Et ma compine de thé. Et ma “soeur acCROCS”. Nous avons tellement de chose en commun que nous pouvons passer des heures à parler et avoir encore des sujets de conversation/écriture le lendemain. Sa combinaison de couleur préférée du moment est jaune et gris alors c’est ce que j’ai choisi pour sa carte. Elle aime aussi un peu de “bling” alors j’ai ajouté des petites pierres et, même si vous ne le voyez pas dans la photo, le papier chatoyant (le jaune.)

Depuis que je fais mes propres cartes, je ne peux m’imaginer acheter ou utiliser des cartes achetées en magasin. Une carte ne doit pas avoir l’air compliqué pour faire son effet. Ces deux cartes sont simples mais beaucoup plus de personnalité que ce que vous trouveriez en magasin. Et vous savez quoi? Parfois trop (d’embellissement), c’est comme pas assez (d’effet.)


>Buttons, buttons, buttons – Boutons, boutons, boutons


Last Monday, CeeCee, my mother and I went to a store I had heard about a few years ago. A buttons & ribbons store. We spent over an hour in the store, mostly digging through this huge pile of buttons for the most interesting ones! The box is one foot deep and in the photo, you’re seeing about 2/3 of it’s length. My mother “dove in” first!
Lundi dernier, CeeCee, ma mère et moi sommes allées à une boutique dont j’avais entendu parlé il y a plusieurs années. Une boutique de boutons et rubans. Nous y avons passé plus d’une heure, principalement à fouiller cette énorme pile de boutons pour les plus intéressants! La boîte mesure environ 30 cm de profondeur et dans la photo, vous voyez environ les 2/3 de sa longueur. Ma mère fut la première à “plonger”!

>Something different and yet another tag

>Here are two cards I made last week in a workshop at Bonnidée. The stamps are reproductions of Thomas Kinkade artworks and the workshop was on colouring techniques to use with those kinds of stamps. It was an interesting workshop but more my mom’s style than mine. The cards came out beautifully but I doubt I’ll do more like this.

So I’ve been tagged yet again. This time by a new blogging friend (from OWOH), Pam Bennett. So here goes… Let’s see if I can still find 7 things about myself I haven’t revealed yet.

The rules:1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I used to have a piercing in one of my eyebrows. It hurt more than any tattoo I had done. I eventually had to remove it for a job.

2. The job for which I had to remove said piercing was in a private school.

3. 6 and a half years ago (August 2001) I went on the trip of my dreams: backpacking through England, Ireland and Scotland for a month.

4. I used to be allergic to buckwheat but now I’m not.

5. I used to be able to eat fresh mangoes but now I’m allergic to the skin (so I need to get pre-pealed mangoes or dried or frozen ones… fun.)

6. I still have all the CDs I have ever bought or received as gifts (my first CD being Ugly Kid Joe… don’t ask.)

7. If I had to choose only one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be pasta. I love pasta. I really do. And the best pasta I ever had was in Rome, Italy. Seriously!

So that’s that. I’m not tagging anyone cuz I think everyone I know has been tagged way too many times. If you want to play along, do so and let me know if you are so inclined.

Before I go, here is a little something I received in the mail from the talented Angela. Aren’t they pretty?


>Weird Things and Art Cards

>So my dear friend CeeCee tagged me and I have to tell you 7 weird things about me. Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post 7 random/weird facts about yourself on your blog
3. Tag 7 people at the end and link to their blog
4. Leave comments on each blog that you tag so that they know!

And here are the 7 weird things (even though I did this back in November!)

1. I hate taking showers. And my bathtub is too small (and the water too rusty) to enjoy a nice soak.

2. I hate falling asleep AND waking up. But I love being asleep and dreaming.

3. I love the smell of fog.

4. At one time in my life, I had about 30 pen pals all at the same time.

5. I used to be addicted to online chat (and I mean literally addicted.)

6. I talk to animals. Even in public. Yeah, I’m THAT girl!

7. I dream of growing old to be that crazy artsy lady who lives in the big house with all the weird lawn ornaments and the neighbourhood kids play pranks on, pretending that they are scared of me but really, they just want to play with me and my cool weird toys!

Ok. Well, it’s the best I can do at this hour! And now I am tagging the following people (if they so wish to participate):
1. Kate
2. Mahala
3. Lisa (only because you tagged me the first time around :-p)
4. Pam
5. JoyceAnn
6. Brandy
7. Hanna

Here are the two latest Daily Art Cards. The first one is a little tag with the “Cheer Up” mounted on and which fits in the Lipton Peppermint Tea pocket which is in turn mounted on a piece of painted cardstock. The second one is a piece of patterned cardstock with scraps from a coordinating patterned cardstock, a leftover from the altered canvas and some raffia. I’m still doing the ATC format but I think that next month, I might try another format. Maybe 4″ x 4″. Or bigger. I don’t know yet.

Today, I started a page in my art journal but haven’t finished yet. Only did the background. I also started a new journal for Emily Falconbridge‘s new challenge. Different size. I like it. Will post pictures some other day. I also have the second shrine to post here. I really like how it turned out. Tomorrow night is art/craft night with CeeCee and my Mom. It promises to be fun!

Goodnight and have a great Friday!


>A shrine and an award

>I took an e-class during the Fall which was taught by Violette and was about making shrines. So far, only the first shrine has been completed but I really had fun making it. I had to make papier mâché for the first time ever from flour, water and newspaper! I love getting my hands dirty with paints and glue so this was a lot of fun for me. I will start working on my second one this week.

On this one, you can see my Buddha and there’s also a little frame with an image of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus (can’t see the image because of the glare of the flash.) Now religion is something I don’t really talk about. Mostly because when I do talk about it, I get a lot of weird looks. People don’t always understand that I can believe certain things from one religion and not the rest. I pick what I like from many religions and make my own, if you will. For a long time, I thought I was Wiccan but then I realized some things didn’t fit me. It’s hard to express my true beliefs but at least I know what they are, I feel them and I am not ashamed of them. Does this all make sense?

Anyway… On to a lighter subject… My dear friend Lisa gave me this award!

Isn’t it thoughtful? This my very first official award and I am proud of it. There are so many people I could send this award to but it’s hard to choose. So I’ll simply present this award to everyone who takes the time to come here and read my blog, whether or not they let their presence be known. Anyone who takes time out of their day to stop by my little piece of the world-wide-web deserves this award! Take it! It’s yours!

Many thanks and tons of love going out to all of you. You DO make my day by being here and being you!



>One week left before the holidays. I still have some shopping to do but will definitely manage to finish before next weekend.

Friday night was the Christmas Crop with CeeCee. It was just the two of us and we had a great time. We never see the hours go by and always seem to have something to talk about. I had decided to bring all my ArtChixStudio supplies and to get some mini paper spools collages done and other stuff. These are 3 ATCs that I did and decided to use a Christmas theme. Looking through all my supplies and showing what I had to CeeCee, I felt renewed interest and decided to keep working with those things for the holidays. I did do a few spool collages which still need the finishing touch and then they’ll be in the mail for some friends.

Last night I made some Christmas cards for my mother using some stamps we had bought a couple of months ago. I made two cards using new techniques I had seen and wanted to try. They turned out very well and I’ll post pictures another time (if I remember to scan or photograph them!)

I decided to do some cleaning and sorting today. It’s snowing and very windy outside so it’s a good day to stay in. For the first time in maybe a year, I can actually see the top of my computer desk! I had some frames laying around with nothing in them (gifts from kids at school last year) so I decided to print some photos (they turned out better on cardstock than on photo paper… odd…) and now I have pretty pictures of my beautiful cat in pretty frames on my desk!

Well, I’m off to do more cleaning. If you haven’t done so yet, please click on the Free Donations – Make a difference link in my link’s list. It costs nothing other than a few minutes of your time and you can make a difference in the world. Or visit The Hunger Site and sites affiliated with it to help others.

art journal, photography

>A picture and a sketch

>This is my mother’s dog Magy (pronounced Magie as in Magie Noire ie Black Magic.) He is such a peculiar dog. Sometimes, he acts more like a cat than dog. So we started calling him Minou (which means Kitty.) He loves boxes and baskets. He’s so photogenic, don’t you think?

A few days ago, Violette wrote on her blog: Whenever i visit a blog and there’s no visual the only thing that will keep me there is compelling copy. Usually i say to myself “What the heck? NO visual? I’m outta here!”

This has inspired me to always find a picture or work of art to show in my posts. I know what she means by it. I too find that if there’s no visual, it’s harder to stick around.

So in that state of mind, I give you a sketch, made in my spiral bound journal. I started with the eyes and the rest just seemed to draw itself from there. I know it’s not proportioned but I don’t mind. I’m not good at “realistic” drawings or paintings.

So anyway, this might turn into something completely different while I work on it. So here is the before picture… And maybe soon you’ll have the after picture. (Notice the paint from the previous page that overflowed onto this one?)

I’ve had a few new visitors on my blog and on my Flickr account. I’m always excited when I get new comments and even more when it’s from people who have never commented before! It doesn’t take much to make me happy! I’ve been sharing my good mood by commenting all over my favourite blogs for the past three hours or so. I feel good. I hope I brought at least a bit of happiness to those that received my comments. And even if I didn’t, I still feel good!

I hope everyone has a lovely evening. Goodnight!