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Oodles of doodles

Today, I’m showing you a ghost zentangle that I made yesterday, inspired by this mandala. And a “double draw” or two-handed drawing, which I first encountered here.

The latter was also a technique my students tried today in fine motor class, as well as the Michelangelo technique (lying on your back and drawing with your arm extended up), and the “easel” technique (standing with extended arm, the hand not touching the paper.) I noticed that a lot of kids were tempted to rest their wrist or even forearm on the paper while drawing standing and I kept telling them to reposition their arm. Each technique had its challenges but everyone seemed to have fun.


>Felt ghost pendant – Pendentif fantôme en feutrine


The felt pendant obsession continues with this little ghost.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. We usually don’t celebrate this holiday in my family but we did have a nice family dinner. My brother showed me some photos he took with his new lens. He’s a wizard with his digital camera. You can see some of his photos on Flickr. Be warned that he likes taking close-ups of spiders.
L’obsession des pendentifs en feutrine continue avec ce petit fantôme.
Hier, c’était l’Action de Grâce au Canada. Nous ne célébrons généralement pas cette fête dans ma famille mais hier nous avons eu un bon souper en famille. Mon frère m’a montré des photos qu’il a prises avec sa nouvelle lentille. Il est un magicien avec sa caméra numérique. Vous pouvez voir quelques-unes de ses photos sur Flickr. Avertissement: il aime faire des gros plans d’araignées.