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Greeting card journal

A few years ago, I made a bunch of journals out of various papers and greeting cards. Since I still have a lot of papers and cards, I thought I’d start doing my greeting card journals again. I use 10 sheets of paper and fold them all in half to end up with 20 double-sided pages. 

I added a few tabs, journaling cards and stickers to some of the pages as well as an envelope at the back. 

This journal is a great size to carry around and write/sketch/art journal on the go. I’ll definitely make more. I might even send a few by mail to some lucky friends!

As always, thanks for visiting!

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Welcome 2014

2013 hasn’t been my most creative year. I’ve definitely neglected this blog and my creative habit for most of the year and I feel really bad about it. So I decided to end 2013 and start 2014 with a creative bang.

I rarely go on YouTube even though I know there are a lot of great vloggers and wonderful tutorials to watch. On December 30th, I decided to give it a chance and found a great tutorial on how to make a journal from greeting cards. I instantly was inspired to get started. So I rummaged through my box of greeting cards and picked all the store-bought ones I didn’t necessarily want to keep. I started altering them with paint on the inside and left them to dry before doing the rest. New Year’s Eve came and went with friends and family. Good food, good laughs, good time. On  New Year’s Day, I decided to finish my project and got out one of my many piles of paper scraps. Three movies later, I had this wonderful handmade journal and hadn’t spent one dime on the materials! Now, I have a pile of envelops that is begging to be turned into another journal! To be continued…

Every year, I choose a word to focus on during the following months. Last year’s words (simplify and balance) didn’t really work after all. These things happen. This year, I chose the word “fresh” as in fresh food, fresh air, fresh look at life, fresh start… I have quite a few plans in mind for this year but I don’t want to overdo it so one day at a time, one project at a time…

Have a lovely weekend!

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>Photo Friday #9 – Vendredi photo #9


A stack of journals. Une pile de journaux.
At the beginning of the week, I mention there would be an announcement today. Well, I’m happy to tell you that I will be opening my online shop this Sunday! My first items for sale will be the greeting card journals in the photo above and the felt leaves from last week. I hope to add more items over time so if there are things I do that you would like to see for sale, let me know!
Au début de la semaine, j’ai mentionné qu’il y aurait une annonce spéciale aujourd’hui. Et bien, je suis heureuse de vous annoncer que j’ouvrirai ma boutique virtuelle ce dimanche! Mes premiers items à vendre seront les journaux carte de souhait ci-haut et les feuilles en feutrine de la semaine dernière. J’espère ajouter d’autres items éventuellement alors s’il y a des choses que je fais que vous aimeriez voir à vendre, dites-le moi!
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>February journal – Journal de février


Here are some of the pages from my February journal. The cover was a card stamped and coloured by my mother in 1995.
Voici quelques pages de mon journal de février. La couverture était une carte étampée et coloriée par ma mère en 1995.
Some doodling.
Du gribouillage.
A sampler of my fabric tapes and the first items on my main list.
Un échantillonage de mes rubans en tissu et quelques items sur ma liste principale.
Sketches and ideas for more t-shirt necklaces.
Croquis et idées pour plus de colliers t-shirts.
The towing receipt for my car and my new decorative masking tapes.
Le reçu pour le remorquage de ma voiture et mes nouveaux rubans à masquage décoratifs.

>Greeting card art journal – Journal artistique carte de souhait


It’s not that I need to have another art journal… or seven. But when I read this post by Lisa Sonora Beam, on mini-journaling, I couldn’t resist digging through my pile of unused greeting cards to make a few mini art journals. And the papers I used barely made a dent in my stash. So I think I need to make a lot more of these. You know, just in case! The papers I used: kid’s book page, a photocopy of stamped images, recycled, lined, old calender page, stationary, painted cardstock and textured white paper. I love that some of the pages are already filled with colour, an image or some words. I think that it makes that “blank” page less intimidating.
Ce n’est pas comme si j’avais besoin d’un nouveau journal artistique… ou sept. Mais quand j’ai lu cet article de Lisa Sonora Beam, sur le mini-journaling, je ne pouvais résister à la tentation de fouiller dans ma pile de cartes de souhaits inutilisées pour faire quelques petits journaux artistiques. Et les papiers que j’ai utilisé ont à peine fait une différence dans ma réserve. Alors je pense que je dois faire beaucoup plus de petits journaux comme ceux-ci. Vous savez, juste au cas où! Les papiers que j’ai utilisé: une page de livre de conte, une photocopie d’images étampées, du recyclé, du ligné, une vieille page de calendrier, du papier à lettre, du carton peinturé et du papier blanc texturé. J’aime le fait que certaines des pages ont déjà quelque chose dessus comme de la couleur, une image ou quelques mots. Je pense que ça rend la page “blanche” moins intimidante.