Zentangle coasters – Sous-verres zentangles

September has been such a busy month for me that I haven’t been able to actually do one coaster per day. Some days, I did none while other days I made two or three. I’m still a little behind for this week but I will complete the last of my coasters before the weekend, that’s for sure. My mother has been doing really well with this project and I am so proud of her for keeping it up. Le mois de Septembre a été bien rempli pour moi et je n’ai pas été capable de faire un sous-verre par jour. … Continue reading Zentangle coasters – Sous-verres zentangles

Pink Zentangle – Zentangle Rose

After yesterday’s blue zentangle, here is a pink one. I love doing the colored shading. It really completes the drawing. A bit of a blog announcement: I have decided to change my blogging habits so that I can find some balance in all aspects of my life. Since I don’t want to stop blogging completely, and instead of taking a break, as of next week, I will blog 3 days per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybe an occasional post on other days if I have something really special or important to share right then and there. Hopefully, this will … Continue reading Pink Zentangle – Zentangle Rose

Blue Zentangle – Zentangle Bleu

I really enjoyed writing my little notes for yesterday’s blog post so I think I might do it again, once in a while. It makes the whole thing feel that much more personal, don’t you think? Today, I kept it simple with one of my coasters but this time, I decided to use a blue fine point felt pen and blue pencil for shading. I like it and will do more coasters in different colours. J’ai beaucoup aimé écrire mes petites notes pour l’article de blogue d’hier alors je pense le refaire une fois de temps en temps. Ça rend … Continue reading Blue Zentangle – Zentangle Bleu

Sneak peek – Un aperçu

I’ve been working on some cards but I can’t show them to you right now. Only a sneak peek. You’ll get to see them once the recipients have them in their own hands. But I can show you yesterday’s coaster. J’ai travaillé sur quelques cartes mais je ne peux vous les montrer maintenant. Juste un aperçu. Vous pourrez les voir quand les récipiendaires les auront entre leurs mains. Mais je peux vous montrer mon sous-verres d’hier. Continue reading Sneak peek – Un aperçu

Zentangle coasters #6-11 – Sous-verres zentangle #6-11

Life has been very busy lately. I started working more hours in a new school. The work itself is the same but there are always different ways to approach it. And this time around, I’m working with kindergarten kids. They require a lot of attention and energy. I’m also in the beginning stages of a new relationship. That, too, requires a lot of attention and energy. Because of this, my art and my blog have suffered a bit. I’m trying to adjust to my new schedule and to find time to do everything that I used to do before. It’s … Continue reading Zentangle coasters #6-11 – Sous-verres zentangle #6-11

Zentangle coaster #5 – Sous-verre zentangle #5

I promise I won’t be posting only coasters this month. I’m trying to get my living room/studio in order but until that’s done, I’m sticking to zentangles. Few supplies = no mess. Je promets que je n’afficherai pas seulement des sous-verres ce mois-ci. J’essaie de remettre mon salon/studio en ordre et tant que ce ne sera pas fait, je ne fais que des zentangles. Peu de fournitures = pas de désordre. Continue reading Zentangle coaster #5 – Sous-verre zentangle #5

3 more coasters – 3 autres sous-verres

I have decided to post a little later as of today. Instead of scheduling my posts for 8am, I will now be posting around 10am. That way, if I don’t have time or am too tired to write the post in the evening, I can still do it in the morning. I am really enjoying the coaster format. And drawing zentangles. They are such a good way for me to really focus on the task at hand. Don’t forget to visit my mom’s blog to see her coasters. J’ai décidé de publier mon blogue plus tard à partir d’aujourd’hui. Au … Continue reading 3 more coasters – 3 autres sous-verres