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The past couple of days, I’ve been debating whether to keep blogging or not because I don’t get a lot of visits and certainly not a lot of comments. But then, I asked myself, why exactly do I keep a blog? While it is nice to receive likes, comments and various feedback, that isn’t the main reason for my blogging. I blog to share my passions, my creations and a little bit about my life. Arts and crafts are my main passion in life but I do have others. Music, movies, my cats, and, actually, my job are all things I’m passionate about. For those who don’t know, I work as an educator in an elementary school. I’m not a teacher, I work before school, at lunch and after school with a group of pre-k and kindergarten students. This year, I have the added task to teach them fine motor skills twice a week. I’ve been doing a lot of research and preparing lots of material for those activities so I’ve decided that I will also share that work here amidst my own personal art. And maybe a few cat photos once in a while.

Today, though, I’m only sharing two things. A zentangle I drew yesterday and a soft toy owl I made today. The zentangle is in the shape of a leaf as I’m still being inspired by this season. The owl is actually stuffed with rice so that it can be heated in the microwave and become a hand warmer. It is stitched by hand because that is my favourite way to work with felt. I love making these little softies so I want to make more in all shapes and colours.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and I wish you a lovely week!

Dog toy

Since I already had my polyfill out, today I decided to try a no-sew toy for one of my mom’s dog. I used a piece of fleece found at a second-hand store and a “squeaky” plastic thing I found in my stash (from all the sewing stuff my godmother gave me years ago.)

I had to do a bit of sewing because my knots didn’t cover the inner curve at the top but other than that, it’s all knots. The dog loved it so much he already started breaking it! Oh no! That’s okay, I learned my lesson and will try another design for him.


I also continued doodling on the painted branch:


I guess I was in a zigzag mood today!

Thanks for visiting.

Return of the Kool Kreatures

It’s bee ages since I’ve sewn by hand and I miss it. I had a few felt creatures I had started a few years ago but for some reason, they were all in various stages of creation as seen in this “before” picture:


So I grabbed all four of them, some embroidery floss, my bag of polyfill and I got busy! I love to sew by hand while watching TV shows or a movie. Here are the new Kool Kreatures:


The cat and owls were my own designs while the bird was traced from a pattern (unknown source). I will be doing more of these in the hopes of, one day, selling them on Etsy or at a craft fair.

Thanks for visiting!

>Being productive – Être productive


The Kool Kreatures (thanks for the name Kim!!!) I made last weekend have all been adopted! So I told the students I would be making more during this weekend. When I’m doing similar things like these, I work in an “assembly line” type of way. I start by choosing my colors and then cutting all the shapes I need. After that, I start sewing the face elements: smaller felt pieces, buttons, embroidery, etc. Then, I sew the big pieces together to make the Kreatures, stuff the shapes with Polyfill and finally, sew them shut. Doing all the sewing by hand takes longer than it would with my sewing machine but I thing it adds to the beauty of these creations.
Les Kréatures Kools (merci pour le nom Kim!!!) que j’ai fait la fin de semaine dernière ont toutes été adoptées! Alors j’ai dit au élèves que j’en ferais d’autre cette fin de semaine-ci. Quand je fais des choses dans ce genre, je travaille dans le style “chaine d’assemblage.” Je commence par choisir mes couleurs puis je coupe toutes les formes dont j’ai besoin. Ensuite, je commence à coudre les éléments des visages: petits morceaux de feutrine, boutons, broderie, etc. Puis, je couds les gros morceaux ensemble pour faire les Kréatures, je bourre les formes avec du Polyfill et finalement, je les referme en cousant l’ouverture. Faire toute la couture à la main prend plus de temps qu’avec ma machine à coudre mais je trouve que ça embellit ces créations.

>Foughnut anyone? – Un feignet peut-être?


Yes, you read that right: foughnut. As in Felt Doughnut! After creating a bunch of creatures, I decided to try something new. And this little doughnut was born! It’s far from being perfect but I love it anyway. Just looking at it makes me happy! I especially love the beads/sprinkles.
I love the names being suggested in the comments from yesterday’s post. Don’t be shy if you have any ideas!
Oui, vous avez bien lu: un feigne. Comme pour Beignet Feutrine! Après avoir créé une série de créatures, j’ai décidé d’essayer quelque chose de nouveau. Et ce petit beigne vit le jour! Il est loin d’être parfait mais je l’aime quand même. Juste de le regardes me rend heureuse! J’aime surtout les perles/bonbons.
J’aime les noms suggérés dans les commentaires de l’article d’hier. Ne soyez pas gêné si vous avez des idées!

>The return of the felt creatures – Le retour des créatures en feutrine


Sounds like a bad movie title, doesn’t it?
It had been a while since making my last felt creature. I put a few of my earlier creations in a box as special gifts for my students and they have been really popular so I decided to make a few more, just for them. I wanted the shapes to be simple and I wanted as few details as possible. They are all sewn by hand. I love how they turned out, my favourite being, of course, the feline-like creature. I want to find a name for these types of creatures to call them something other than “felt creatures.” If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments (who knows, if I like your suggestion, you might get a creature of your own!!!)
On dirait le titre d’un mauvais film, non?
Il y a un bout de temps que je n’ai pas fait de créature en feutrine. J’ai mis quelques-unes de mes premières créations dans une boite de cadeaux spéciaux pour mes élèves et elles ont été très populaires alors j’ai décidé d’en faire quelques-unes de plus, juste pour eux. Je voulais des formes simples et le moins de détails possibles. Elles sont toutes cousues à la main. J’aime beaucoup ce qu’elles sont devenues, ma préférée étant, bien sûr, la créature à l’air félin. Je veux trouver un nom pour ce genre de créatures pour les nommer autres choses que “créatures en feutrine.” Si vous avez des suggestions, n’hésitez pas à les écrire dans les commentaires (qui sait, si j’aime votre suggestion, vous pourriez recevoir votre propre créature!!!)

>Felt tea bag – Sachet de thé en feutrine


When I saw this tutorial on how to make a felt tea bag, I knew I had to make one for myself. It was very easy to make but I think I over-stuffed it. I still like how it turned out but next time I’ll use less stuffing.
Quand j’ai vu ce tutoriel (en anglais) pour faire un sachet de thé en feutring, je savais que je m’en ferais un. C’était très facile à faire mais je pense que je l’ai trop bourré. J’aime quand même le résultat mais la prochaine fois, je prendrai moins de bourre.

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