Last ICAD update – Dernière mise à jour ICAD

Hard to believe that it’s already September 1st. I’ve been so busy with different things this summer that I didn’t notice how fast it all happened! But I did see my pile of index cards grow. You can see the last four above. They were fun to create. It’s always a little sad when a long term project like this comes to an end but this only means it’s time for a new project. I am posting two photos of my pile of cards below: a neat, classic pile and a fun, messy pile. Over the weekend, I will create … Continue reading Last ICAD update – Dernière mise à jour ICAD

ICAD update #11 – Mise à jour ICAD #11

Last week was more of a “paint quickly and collage randomly” kind of week for my index cards. These kinds of small mixed media pieces are a good way for me to create without thinking too much about the finished product. I will show you my last cards on September 1st as well as a photo of my pile of index cards. La semaine dernière en était une de “peinture rapide et collage aléatoire” pour mes cartes index. Ce genre de petite pièce multimédia est, pour moi, une bonne façon de créer sans trop réfléchir au produit fini. Je vous … Continue reading ICAD update #11 – Mise à jour ICAD #11

ICAD update #10 – Mise à jour ICAD #10

Including today, there are only 10 days left in the summer ICAD challenge. I can’t believe how fast it all happened! There are three cards that I really like in this set: Organic ride, thumbprint penguins and All-Star. Over the weekend, I went on my first bike ride with my vintage bike. I didn’t want to over-do it so I rode for about 30 minutes around the neighbourhood. It felt wonderful! Well, except for the squashed bugs on my t-shirt… En comptant aujourd’hui, il ne reste que 10 jours au défi estival des cartes d’index. J’ai de la difficulté à … Continue reading ICAD update #10 – Mise à jour ICAD #10

ICAD update #9 – Mise à jour #9

Oh, I am loving these cards! Each and every one of them. Collage, paint, ink, stamping, tape, staples, doodles… All good stuff! As much as I wanted to complete the 30 portraits in August challenge, I grew tired of drawing myself over and over. And I realized that I’m not a “portrait drawing” type of artist. It’s just not my thing. So I stopped. Next week, I’m going back to work, after two months off. What is really exciting is that I’m going to work in a different school! I was lucky enough to get a position with more hours … Continue reading ICAD update #9 – Mise à jour #9

ICAD update #8 – Mise à jour ICAD #8

Click each image to see individually. Cliquez sur chaque image pour voir individuellement. This is a big update for ICAD: 2 full weeks together. As you can see, I started the 30 Portraits challenge on my index card but I think I’ll switch to another format soon as I miss doing small and quick collages on my cards. My favourite of the portraits is the one from August 3rd and my favourite in the last of the July cards is the “Freestyle” card, the owl one being a close second. While working on these cards, I am reminded of when … Continue reading ICAD update #8 – Mise à jour ICAD #8

ICAD update # 7 – Mise à jour ICAD #7

Here are the cards from the second week of my vacation. I used less watercolour on those but instead added a cute post-it from a pad I bought and a paper napkin from one of our lunches (at a restaurant in Le Louvre.) My friend Violette is extending a challenge to draw/paint 30 portraits in August. I will do mine on my index cards, in my summer journal and probably on separate sheets of paper too. Also in August, found via Danielle’s blog, The August Break, which consists of blogging only with photos. I’m not doing it this time but … Continue reading ICAD update # 7 – Mise à jour ICAD #7

ICAD update #6 – Mise à jour ICAD #6

Click on any image to see it larger. Cliquez sur n’importe quelle image pour la voir plus grande. Now that I’ve had time to get back to normal, it’s time to update you with some of the things I did during my trip. Today, as well as tomorrow, I am showing you the index cards done during that time. Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll show you the pages in my summer journal. Finally, I’ll show you a few of my favourite photos from the trip on Friday. For the cards and the journal, I had a small set of watercolour paint, … Continue reading ICAD update #6 – Mise à jour ICAD #6