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A few links you might enjoy this weekend:
Quelques liens que vous aimeriez peut-être cette fin de semaine:
Mich L in LA Michelle loves to create jewelry from unusual material and re-purposed junk (as she puts it herself.) Fly swatter, badminton birdie, chopsticks… you name it, she’ll probably use it if she hasn’t already.
Michelle aime créer des bijoux avec des matériaux inhabituels et des rebuts repensés (comme elle le dit elle-même.) Tapette à mouche, moineau à badminton, baguettes chinoises… nommez-le, elle l’utilisera sûrement si ce n’est déjà fait.
those northern skies Melissa is a creative blogger and mother who also likes to reuse and re-purpose things and turn them into something lovely. She sews beautiful clothes for both her daughters out of thrifted sheets amongst other things.
Melissa est une blogueuse et mère créative qui aime aussi réutiliser et repenser les choses pour les transformer en quelque chose de joli. Elle coud de beaux vêtements pour ses deux filles à partir de draps recyclés entre autres choses.
annekata Kathrin is one of my big inspirations at the moment. She loves the history of fashion and she sews by hand. She is very generous when it comes to tutorials, in my opinion.
Kathrin est une grande source d’inspiration pour moi en ce moment. Elle aime l’histoire de la mode et coud à la main. Elle est très généreuse avec ses tutoriels selon moi.
one pretty thing Rachel has made it her goal to gather links to tutorials all over the internet for quite some time now. In fact, I found a few of my favourite blogs through her website and have a ton of tutorials bookmarked for future reference.
Rachel a pour but de réunir des liens de tutoriels provenant de partout sur internet depuis quelques temps déjà. En fait, j’ai trouvé plusieurs de mes blogues favoris sur son site et j’ai une tonne de tutoriels dans mes signets favoris pour plus tard.
I hope these links inspire you as much as they inspire me. Have a lovely weekend.
J’espère que ces liens vous inspireront autant qu’ils m’inspirent. Passez une belle fin de semaine.
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>Inside the artist’s studio

>So. This is where the magic happens. My living room/studio. It’s small and I have way too much stuff for it but I’ve gotten used to it in the past 5 (closer to 6) years.

Now. I’ve already talked about my belief in signs and messages from the Universe. And this summer, I received a message in the form of a new-to-me blog. She calls herself the Mermaid and lives in a cottage near a beach. She teaches “fat, messy journal” classes to young girls in her home during summer. And the way she writes… it got me thinking…

I could do this. I could teach “fat, messy journal” classes of my own during summer. Yes, my apartment is small but with a bit of de-cluttering and reorganizing, I really think I could make my living room kid-friendly. All through this year I’ve been taking small steps to de-clutter my life. And I’ve been experimenting with new art techniques. I’ve also been reading about organization more (and seeing Violette‘s posts on this subject and the progress she’s making with this is very inspiring.) I already have access to kids so that won’t be an issue when it’s time to get started. I even have 2 girls in mind to “test drive” this new project. Thoughts and ideas are swirming in my mind day and night (making it hard to fall asleep but that’s a whole different post that I won’t bore you with!)

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be an artist and to teach kids (without actually being a school teacher.) So I think, no, I KNOW that this is one of those dreams that can and WILL actually come true! I’m very excited about this and will do everything in my power to make it happen. And I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.

On a different note…

Yesterday, I was at my parents’ house to take care of the dogs for a few hours and decided to make 2 cards (I hate the term “greeting card” but that’s what they are, not ATCs.) They are both very similar: same colours, same stamps. The differences are: this one has 4 birds while the other has 2 AND this card has punched flowers with a bit of Gold Liquid Pearl while the other has Turquoise Sticklers on all the leaves of the tree. They both came out great. The other card is for an ATCSforALL member who lost family members last week. The one you see here is for a 5 year old girl, Ellie Bouchard, who is going through chemo because of a brain tumor. If you want to brighten this little girl’s day, go to her website to find the address where you can mail her a card or anything else that you think she might like.

Before I go, I also wanted to share with you this video (found through iHanna‘s blog.) It makes me happy and I could watch it over and over.


>Of writing and receiving surprises

>Fifth day of Nanowrimo. I haven’t given up yet! My word count is a little below what it should be (about 700 words less than what I expected to be at) but considering I haven’t been feeling well yesterday and today it’s pretty darn good. My characters are talking to me and my story is going to take a twist I never saw coming til today. I took notes because that’s not where I’m at right now in the story. I think that having told people about doing Nanowrimo and having friends to encourage me through blogging and comments and such is really helping me to do this and see it through to the end.

Violette sent me a cute card and a magnet that she made. I love getting mail especially when I don’t expect anything! I ordered a few things from Botanical Paperworks and they shipped it this morning so I should probably receive it sometime next week. It’s plantable paper! Cool, huh? You give a card to someone and instead of throwing it away, storing it in a box where they’ll never see it or recycle it, they can just plant it and they’ll have beautiful flowers! I think this is amazing. I’ll take a picture when my order gets here.

I’m feeling a bit better. No longer have nausea which is a good thing. I still have sinus pressure headache and now my stomach is making these monstrous sounds (worse than that night at your house Catherine!) Now I’m off to bed. Working early tomorrow morning, filling in for one of my coworkers. Extra money is always welcome! (Hear that Universe?) 😉

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>What to Write in My Journal?


I particularly like the phrase: “[journals] are the GPS system to your spirit.” Especially since I’m a proud member of the Glitter Power Sisters.