Weekend update

I decided to draw more mandalas and zentangles over the weekend. It’s easy for me to do those things especially since I usually spend at least part of the weekend with my parents. So here are this weekend’s creations:

For today, I again chose something easy as I was spending the day with my mother. She had previously painted acrylic on some branches and I started doodling on the biggest one with gel pens. It’s an ongoing project so today I’m only showing two sections. I couldn’t do more because the light was quickly fading and I prefer to keep the branch outside. I’ll show more photos as it progresses.

Do you like to doodle? If so, do you have a preferred style or surface to use?

Thanks for visiting!

Doodling postcards

Another hot day. And I spent part of it at IKEA to get storage for my studio. I was able to get a turquoise Raskog, the rolling rack. They are discontinuing the color and I really wanted a second one. The first one is already full with paints, pens and other supplies. This one will be for collages elements and book making stuff.

Anyway, after a few tasks, I was too hot to take the paints out. And it’s so humid in my apartment today that they would’ve taken a while to dry. So, inspired by Alisa Burke and Hanna Andersson, I grabbed watercolor paper and my Slick Writer marker and doodled some postcards! Since the marker dries waterproof and permanent, they can easily be painted with watercolors now. Now the question is, do I paint them or do I mail them to people who can then paint them? What do you think? Here they are: City Cats, Flowers, Garden and Mandalas.

If you click on the images, you can see them a bit bigger. And, if you so choose, you can save them by right-clicking on each of them and print them for your own personal use only.

Thanks for visiting and I’ll be back on monday. Have a nice weekend!

Mandala magic

While doing some cleaning last month, I came across a couple of sketchbooks I had forgotten about. One of them was my round mandala book. I hadn’t used it since November 2012 and only had a few pages left in it. So a couple of weeks ago, I took it out and made a mandala. I had no idea where it was going and just played with it. When I looked at it, the first thought I had was that the middle looked like pineapples and some points like angels, hence the title “Angels & pineapples”.

Can you see them? Or do you see something different?

Today, I grabbed the mandala book again and came up with a different style. Looks more like flowers and insects maybe. I don’t know its title yet so if you have any ideas, let me know!

Thanks again for visiting. If there is something specific you would like to see me create this month, be it collage, painting, softies, ATCs… anything that I have worked with in the past that is, let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with. 

A few mandalas – Quelques mandalas

Last night I decided to draw a mandala. I had drawn a few on index cards in the past few weeks but not in my mandala book. When I looked at the ones I did before, I realized I had forgotten to show you a few of them. So here they are. The one in colour was an interesting experiment which made me realize I prefer to draw in black and add colour after.

Hier soir, j’ai décidé de dessiner un mandala. J’en ai dessiné quelques-uns sur des cartes index dans les dernières semaines mais pas dans mon livre à mandalas. Quand j’ai regardé ceux que j’avais fait avant, je me suis apperçue que j’avais oublié de vous en montrer quelques-uns. Alors les voici. Celui en couleur était une bonne expérience qui m’a fait comprendre que je préfère dessiner en noir et ajouter la couleur par après.

Mandala stamp – Étampe mandala

Last week, I forgot to mention that one of the index cards was done by testing a new stamp. This mandala stamp. I carved it on June 24th and realized I needed finer carving knives. But for now, I will work with what I have. Above, you can see how the stamp looks with red printing ink and black dye ink. My collection of handmade stamps is becoming really interesting. I wonder what kind of design I’ll come up with next time…

La semaine dernière, j’ai oublié de mentionner qu’une des cartes index avait été faite en testant une nouvelle étampe. Cette étampe mandala. Je l’ai gravé le 24 juin et me suis apperçu qu’il me faudrait des couteaux de gravure plus fins. Mais pour l’instant, j’utilise ce que j’ai. Ci-haut, vous pouvez voir l’effet que done l’étampe avec de l’encre d’impression rouge et de l’encre à base de teinture noir. Ma collection d’étampes faites à la main devient de plus en plus intéressante. Je me demande quelle sorte d’image je choisirai la prochaine fois…

>Mandala postcards – Cartes postales mandala


Some quick little mandala doodles on postcards for my coworkers. This batch was fun to make.
Quelques petits mandalas gribouillés sur des cartes postales pour mes collègues de travail. Cette série fut agréable à créer.

>Mandala Connect The Dots – Reliez Les Points


No small details for this one. I wanted to keep it simple.
Pas de petits détails pour celui-ci. Je voulais garder ça simple.

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