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Where has the time gone

All year, I’ve wanted to write new posts on my blog. I’ve never forgotten about my readers but time kept slipping away. And when it wasn’t time’s fault, it was energy’s fault. There’s always someone/thing else to blame, right?

Well, better late than never I suppose! Today, I’m here to show some art journal pages. During November, I spent 15 minutes per day playing in my art journal for Nanojoumo. There are days when the time limit (from a Facebook group) wasn’t enough but I stopped anyway. Other days, I have to admit that I impressed myself. Two of the pages were done over two days each (the house collage and the abstract people.) And there’s one day when I didn’t make a page because I worked on another project which I’ll write about soon. I promise!

Clicking on the image below should take you to a video of my pages. 


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>Experiments and NaNoJouMo – Expérimentations et NaNoJouMo


 I have 3 photos for you today. The first and second one were done for an experiment for Daisy Yellow.
J’ai 3 photos pour vous aujourd’hui. Les première et deuxième ont été faites pour une expérimentation pour Daisy Yellow.
I first drew squares with Neocolor II crayons then covered everything with a layer of white gesso.
J’ai d’abord dessiné des carrés avec mes Neocolor II puis j’ai recouvert le tout d’une couche de gesso.
This third photo is of a spread I made to answer 2 challenges: NaNoJouMo and The Queen of Creativity Castle’s Creative Challenge.
Cette troisième photo est d’une mise en page que j’ai fait pour répondre à 2 défis: NaNoJouMo et le “Creative Challenge” de The Queen of Creativity Castle.
NaNoWriMo is going steady. I’m sure I’ll get to 50,000 words by the end of the month. I’m not sure, though, that I’ll have a novel worthy of that name!
NaNoWriMo se poursuit. Je suis certaine d’atteindre les 50,000 mots à la fin du mois. Je ne suis pas certaine, par contre, d’avoir un roman digne de ce nom!