Weekend update

I had a very rough emotional weekend and I don’t feel like writing a long post today so I’ll keep it short and simple. Friday night, I drew a mandala on a pre-painted background in my art journal. It’s not my best mandala but it’s there nonetheless. Saturday was a quick continuous line drawing because it was late. And finally today, a trio of ATCs, which are available for trade if anyone’s interested. I hope your weekend was quieter than mine! Advertisements Continue reading Weekend update

Arts and crafts

A very short post tonight because it’s late and I’m tired. Yesterday, I drew a mandala on a previously painted page in one of my art journals. This journal is almost full so I’m just trying to fill it up before the end of the year. There’s probably less than 10 pages to go. And today, well tonight actually, I went back to an old craft of mine: a mini wreath ornament made from a wooden curtain ring. I picked seasonal colors seeing how it is officially fall now, which is my favorite season. That’s it for today. I’ll be … Continue reading Arts and crafts

Traded pages – Pages échangées

Remember the pages I made for a personal trade? Well, here are the ones I received from Wendy! They are so beautiful, even more so in person than on the photos. Lots of texture. And I love that she recycled tab files to make these. I haven’t decided yet how I’ll use them but I know I will have fun when I do. My absolute favourite is the rainbow circle. So pretty! Thanks Wendy for these beautiful papers! Vous souvenez-vous des pages que j’ai faites pour un échange privé? Et bien, voici celles que j’ai reçues de Wendy! Elles sont … Continue reading Traded pages – Pages échangées

Making collage paper – Faire du papier pour collage

When I was working on my painted pages last Sunday, I had a couple layers of tissue paper taped on my table to have a clean working space. When I am mixing my paints, I like to test them on something first so I did just that on this paper. As well as sprayed some inks with stencils, stamped leftover paint with foam stamps, brushed extra paint, etc. At the end, I end up with a colourful and textured paper that I can use in my collages, in my art journal or wherever I see fit! No two papers end … Continue reading Making collage paper – Faire du papier pour collage

Painted papers for a swap – Papiers peints pour un échange

A few weeks ago, I showed you some pages I was making for a private trade. Well, I finally completed them! It took a long time because I didn’t know what to do with them but I finally overcame my block on Sunday. I really like how they turned out and I will print copies to use in my art. You can see them on Flickr. I can’t wait to receive the ones Wendy made for me… Working on journal backgrounds for someone else was really a different experience. I kept asking myself: “Is she going to like this texture? … Continue reading Painted papers for a swap – Papiers peints pour un échange

>Journal pages update – Mise à jour des pages de journal

> I’m still working on 10 journal pages for a private swap. There’s still a lot to be done with them but I like where they are going right now. Using up my “special” papers feels really good! Je travaille encore sur 10 pages de journal pour un échange privé. J’ai encore beaucoup de travail à faire dessus mais j’aime la direction qu’elles prennent pour l’instant. Ça me fait du bien de me servir de mes papiers “spéciaux!“ Continue reading >Journal pages update – Mise à jour des pages de journal

>Art journal backgrounds – Fonds de journal artistique

> I don’t have anything done to show you today so I thought I’d show two backgrounds I created this week in my sketchbook. Je n’ai rien de terminé que je peux vous montrer alors j’ai pensé vous montrer ces deux fonds que j’ai créés cette semaine dans mon sketchbook. The first one was done in two phases. First, I spread left over paints from other projects on the pages. When that was dry, I scraped a thin layer of gesso, sprayed some water over it and scraped again. Some of the paint underneath was watercolour so it mixed with … Continue reading >Art journal backgrounds – Fonds de journal artistique