Fresh news – Nouvelles fraiches

Dear friends, I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged in almost 3 months. Work is keeping me busy and when I get some free time, I don’t have the energy to do much. There is also the matter of packing up everything I own as I’ll be moving on June 1st. I’m really excited about the move since I’ll be closer to work, therefore will be able to walk/bike to work every day, even in winter. Not the case right now. Also, my new apartment is bigger and I will have a space dedicated to my studio. This is the fresh … Continue reading Fresh news – Nouvelles fraiches

Faux enamel pendant – Pendentif en simili émail

Inspired by this Faux Enamel Necklace, I decided to try making my own. I didn’t have the flat discs that Alicia used but I did have a plain washer sitting on my table. Hmm, why not? I cleaned the surface (I had picked up the washer from the street), applied two coats of nail polish, a coat of clear nail polish, letting everything dry properly in between. I picked some contrasting flat gemstones and glued them to the surface with E6000 glue and also glue a piece of wire to the back for hanging purposes. I let everything dry for … Continue reading Faux enamel pendant – Pendentif en simili émail

>Felt leaves – Feuilles en feutrine

> It’s been over 6 months since I’ve made my first felt leaves. I had prepared my supplies to make a whole series of them after that but things happened and I didn’t complete that project. Well, I picked it back up this week and now have a small collection of felt leaves. So far, I only did realistic colours but I think I might do a few more colourful ones (how about pink leaves? or teal?) I’ll let you know what I decide. Il y a déjà plus de 6 mois que j’ai fait mes premières feuilles en feutrine. … Continue reading >Felt leaves – Feuilles en feutrine

>Project ReStyle #9

> While sorting through boxes of stuff in my mom’s studio, I found this little rooster from Fisher Price. I decided to turn him into a pendant. I drilled a hole on his back and then, using some beads and wire, transformed him. Now that I know how to use my father’s drill press (thanks mom!) I have new ideas popping in my head. En fouillant dans les boites de matériel dans l’atelier de ma mère, j’ai trouvé ce petit coq de Fisher Price. J’ai décidé de le changer en pendentif. J’ai percé un trou sur son dos puis, avec … Continue reading >Project ReStyle #9

>Felt fir pendant – Pendentif sapin en feutrine

> Continuing the felt pendant series… The fir tree… or Christmas tree. In light blue. I’m trying to find the perfect way to take photographs of my projects. I think that for the pendants, this frame works well. It can’t be used as an actual frame because it is absurdly crooked but I’ve been holding on to it for years, hoping to find a new purpose for it. I do need to get better lighting (as I’m mostly taking evening/night photos.) And what do you think of book page? Too distracting or does it work as a background? Pour continuer … Continue reading >Felt fir pendant – Pendentif sapin en feutrine

>Felt ghost pendant – Pendentif fantôme en feutrine

> The felt pendant obsession continues with this little ghost. Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. We usually don’t celebrate this holiday in my family but we did have a nice family dinner. My brother showed me some photos he took with his new lens. He’s a wizard with his digital camera. You can see some of his photos on Flickr. Be warned that he likes taking close-ups of spiders. L’obsession des pendentifs en feutrine continue avec ce petit fantôme.   Hier, c’était l’Action de Grâce au Canada. Nous ne célébrons généralement pas cette fête dans ma famille mais hier … Continue reading >Felt ghost pendant – Pendentif fantôme en feutrine