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Mixing it up

I don’t know what titles to give my posts anymore. It’s actually becoming a problem for me. Does anyone have ideas, tips? Do they actually need titles? Should I just leave it blank? Argh! Help!

Anyway, on to the post. I’m starting by showing you what we worked on in my fine motor skills activity today: graphic practice. We traced lines and shapes as well as numbers.

Everyone did very well and was so concentrated that we barely had time to use the manipulation objects so no photo of that.

Yesterday, I had no idea what I wanted to do for my daily art. I had a pile of book pages next to my desk so I decided to cut them and glue them in my art journal (8.5″ x 11″). Some of them already had paint and I added texture with some mesh tape so a light coat of gesso was all it took to make it more uniform. And I drew the glass with a charcoal pencil, smudged parts of it for the shadows and added a bit of white paint pen for extra lights. I really love how it came out. I might actually rip the page out of the journal to frame it!


And finally today, I went for a hand-lettered quote in my “Words of Wisdom” composition book. Thanks for looking!


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A bit of everything

I mentioned this month that I’m participating in a 30 day journal challenge. I think it’s the third time I’m doing it and I find it’s a good habit to develop. This time, I’ve been working in a small art journal in which I had already prepared a myriad of pages in the previous months. So I can focus on answering the prompts for the challenge. I haven’t shared any of the pages until now. This page seemed appropriate to share on my blog so this was my daily art for yesterday.


Today, I made a set of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) for a swap I joined over on Instagram. They are called clean-up cards. The only rule is to use scraps from the bottom of your pile. Well, I’ve have these scraps in a box for almost 10 years so I think it counts! I love how they turned out and I hope the people who receive them in the swap enjoy them.


I’m also sharing a few photos from my fine motor skills activity today with a class of kindergarten students. We were doing “directed drawing.” I gave them each a set of 5 sheets on which they had illustrated instructions on how to draw certain things. Most of the students did very well on their own. I had to give more instructions to some but in general, the activity was a success. I took the time to look at how the kids were holding their pencil and the majority had a correct grasp and position.

We usually work for 45 minutes and then they get 10 minutes to use what I call “manipulation objects” from a basket: squeeze balls, stress balls, cut-down pieces of pool noodles, plastic pot scrubbers, etc.They enjoy the different textures and it’s a good exercise to relax their hands after some hard work. I’ll try to take a picture of that next time. Until then, have fun!

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Weekend update

Another busy weekend came and went. Once again, I created simple art. It’s so easy to fit in my schedule. There’s not much to say about my creations so I’ll just let the images speak for themselves.

Thanks for visiting!

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A couple of ATCs

It’s been a long and busy week at work. Getting to know all the new students and their parents is hard work but lots of fun too. I seem to have a great group of pre-k and kindergarten students so we should have tons of fun!

Today, I have a couple of ATCs to show you: one is for a trade (the cat) and the other is for my journal (the quote).

For the cat, I used a Sharpie pen and colored pencils. I also blended the colors with some solvent and a paper stub. For the quote, I painted with H2O watercolors and then wrote with my Fude Ball pen. Simple but effective!

Have a nice weekend!

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Colourful lettering

Back in January, I did some hand lettering every day. I still have a few free pages in that journal so I decided to keep filling it. I picked a quote about summer because today was a perfect summer day: family, friends, fun, BBQ, swimming pool…

I used my Stampin’ Write markers in these colours: real red, pumpkin pie, summer sun, green galore, tempting turquoise, pacific point, and elegant eggplant. 

Thanks for visiting!

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>Sketchbook Project: Reading and thinking


Yesterday, I saw this quote on Tammy’s blog and I knew it was perfect for this page in my sketchbook. I used foam stamps and small rubber stamps as well as my own writing.
Hier, j’ai vu cette citation sur le blogue de Tammy et je savais qu’elle serait parfaite pour cette page dans mon sketchbook. J’ai utilisé des étampes en mousse et de petites étampes en caoutchous de même que ma propre écriture.
La citation: “Si vous ne lisez que les livres que tout le monde lit, vous ne pourrez penser que ce que tout le monde pense.”
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>Journal page with a quote – Page de journal avec une citation


“La vie c’est essayer des choses pour voir si elles fonctionnent.”
I saw this quote on Kal‘s blog this week and I just had to write it down somewhere to remember it. What better place than my art journal? I usually write down quotes and notes I want to keep in notepads or old papers and then, they end up all over the place. Well, now, I want to use my art journal for those notes and quotes. So my plan is to have a series of backgrounds done so I can just write whatever it is I want to remember. After all, it is my art journal and it should contain what I like.
Quand j’ai vu cette citation sur le blogue de Kal cette semaine, je me suis dit que je devais l’écrire pour m’en souvenir. Et le meilleur endroit pour ça, c’est mon journal d’art, non? D’habitude, j’écris les sitations et notes que je veux garder dans des calepins ou sur de vieux papiers et ils se ramassent un peu partout. Et bien, maintenant, je veux me servir de mon journal d’art pour ces notes et citations. Alors je prévois faire une séries de fonds prêts à accueillir ce que je veux me souvenir en écrits. Après tout, c’est mon journal d’art et il devrait contenir ce que moi j’aime.
To all my American and Canadian readers, enjoy the long weekend. I know I will!
À toutes mes lectrices Américaines et Canadiennes, profitez de cette longue fin de semaine. Je le ferai certainement!