Lost and found

So I got lost for a little while there. But fear no more, I found my way back. In fact, when I woke up (way too early) this morning, I declared today to be “Take back my life” day. What better way to do this than getting back to this little blog of mine which used to be such a big part of my life. And I have to say, I miss it. A whole lot! I actually have quite a few things to show you on here but we’ll start with the album above… This is a travel mini-album … Continue reading Lost and found

Photo Friday Recycling Jeans – Vendredi Photo Recycler des Jeans

After spending all summer creating on Index cards and half a month doing my zentangle coasters, I really feel the need to get back to other forms of creativity. Like sewing. And artistic recycling. I’m hoping to turn these pieces of worn out jeans into a chew-toy for my brother’s dog. I’ll let you know if it worked or not. Wishing you a fun-filled weekend! And if you can, stop by my mom’s blog to see her beautiful coasters! (She loves comments too!) Après avoir passé tout l’été à créer sur des carte Index et un demi-mois à faire mes … Continue reading Photo Friday Recycling Jeans – Vendredi Photo Recycler des Jeans

Tank top revamp – Retapage de camisole

My mother showed me an interesting technique in a local magazine that I absolutely wanted to try as soon as possible. The article mentioned to use natural fiber for the cloth so I picked this 100% cotton white tank top. I drew my design with a permanent marker and coloured it with wax crayons. When I was all done, I ironed the cloth on the reverse, making sure to have a sheet of white paper or two between the design and the ironing surface, in this case, inside the tank top after turning it inside-out. I ironed the design to … Continue reading Tank top revamp – Retapage de camisole

CD case frame – Cadre étui à CD

Believe it or not, dear readers, but today’s project was NOT done following a tutorial. It’s not a new concept but I thought it was a good idea: an empty CD case used as an art frame. The trick is to remove the top part, turn it on itself and reattach it. I made this cute mixed media piece to show you how it looks as a frame. This is a good way to display small pieces of art (about 4,5″) without making holes in your walls or spending lots of money on designer frames. The best part is that … Continue reading CD case frame – Cadre étui à CD

Handmade mouse pad – Tapis de souris fait à la main

Ever since I got my laptop, last year, I’ve been using my optic mouse without a mouse pad. At first, it didn’t really bother me but after a while, I found that I needed something to make the mouse work better. Instead of going out to the store and buying a boring mouse pad, I decided to make my own. A very simple tutorial was waiting in my bookmarks and I already had all the supplies. In fact, I have a cardboard box full of fabric samplers that were given to me earlier this year. And my craft foam is … Continue reading Handmade mouse pad – Tapis de souris fait à la main

Dry erase board – Tableau à messages effaçable

Today’s project was inspired by two things: this dry erase board tutorial and this colourful framed piece. I combined both to create my very own colourful dry erase board. Because I’m still trying to use what I have on hand instead of getting new supplies, I cut down pieces of cardstock (instead of using paint chips.) I like the frame with its original colour so I left it as is. This project wasn’t hard to do but it did take a bit of time because I was cutting random pieces of cardstock at first and then I had to measure … Continue reading Dry erase board – Tableau à messages effaçable

Thimble flower pot – Pot de fleurs dé à coudre

A tutorial I bookmarked last year: the thimble necklace! I only had a plastic thimble for this and I used E-6000 glue. Not a good idea! At first, everything was fine but two days after making the necklace, I wore it to go shopping and the plastic started to melt inwards at the bottom. The glue and the plastic were probably reacting to the sun and heat. So now, I will try it differently. I have another plastic thimble so I will try it with hot glue instead. And for the metal and porcelain thimbles that my mother gave me, … Continue reading Thimble flower pot – Pot de fleurs dé à coudre